Interactive Experiences Keep Audiences Engaged

Interactive Experiences Keep Audiences Engaged

Interactive experiences have seen rapid growth both online and offline. Public events, like “The Bridgerton Experience” and “Stranger Things” pop-ups across the country, have drawn massive crowds looking to enjoy a fully interactive evening. The trend has even come to digital media marketing, through social media platforms, like Instagram and TikTok, and other features like polls, quizzes, and duets have caused user engagement to skyrocket. Not sure how to implement this new trend into your marketing strategy? We are breaking down all the basics in today’s blog, so you can stay on the frontlines of this growing trend.

What Is an Interactive Experience?

New trends can be confusing, so let’s start with the basics. Interactive experiences, as the name suggests, are experiences that the consumer can take an active part in. It creates a two-way conversation between your brand and your audience that leads to higher engagement levels. For their interaction, your consumer receives a more personalized experience.

In social media, interactive experiences come in a variety of forms. Polls are pretty universal, as almost every social media platform has an interface that allows you to create a poll, usually with four options that will be live on your page for 24 hours. On platforms like Facebook and Twitter (which are primarily text-based) interactive experiences can be as simple as shifting your closing call to action (CTA) to engaging questions that will encourage comments. Platforms with more interactivity options, like Instagram and TikTok, equip users with polls, quizzes, slider bars for rating things, and the option to post duet videos.

Incorporating Interactive Experiences Into Your Marketing Strategy

Incorporating interactive experiences is easier than you think. You can create Instagram Stories with model home photography and include a poll inviting audiences to vote on which home or home feature is their favorite. Or, consider going old school by building a quiz for consumers to find the perfect community for them. Quiz results can be calculated according to how many of each type of answer the consumer gives. For example, if a quizee selects mostly “A” answers, then a waterfront home is their ideal, and so on.

On platforms that depend more on video, such as TikTok, consider making duets with other home builders or home designers. You can also create videos that invite your audience to duet with you. For example, create a video of a model home and invite people to duet with how they would decorate or use the space. Finally, don’t rule out live video content. Every platform provides you with the ability to go live, and it can be a great way to answer questions homebuyers might have. Advertise your live video event a week in advance and invite people to come with questions about your homes, the locations, or even homebuying terms they may not be familiar with.

Benefits of Implementing Interactive Experiences

When compared to static social media posts, interactive posts offer the opportunity for your audiences to get involved. Comments, likes, duets, and more, all help boost your visibility and how many people your posts are being exposed to. Interactive posts also build major brand awareness and loyalty. In fact, 80% of audiences expect interactive experiences from brands. Moreover, The Harris Poll found, “consumers are 78% more likely to buy from a brand and 77% more likely to choose that brand over a competitor if they use interactive media.” Interactive experiences actively demonstrate to prospects that you care about them and their voices. Lastly, users are also more likely to share these types of posts so that their followers can see their results.

Interactive posts can also help you develop a clearer picture of your audience demographics. Using different types of interactive posts will help you learn the ages, geographic preferences, and interests of prospective buyers. In turn, these statistics will help you plan better content and experiences for your brand moving forward!

Interactive experiences are a trend that is here to stay, so it’s worth making an effort to include them in your social media feeds. Simple and inexpensive, these posts offer you a great way to increase engagement and promote the “share-ability” of your posts. Best of all, interactive experiences build confidence and trust between you and your audiences, making them more likely to return to your site or page for more.

Still not sure where to start? The Get Community team is here to help. Contact us today so that we can help you engage your target market in interactive experiences and stand out from the crowd in digital marketing.

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