Meet Our New Selfie Station!

Exciting news, y’all...we bought a Selfie Station! Now, you might be inner monologuing to yourself, “why is this newsworthy?” - “a selfie what?” -  “if I hear the word selfie one more time…” Let me explain! I would like to introduce you to SASS: Super - Awesome - Selfie - Station (yes, we had to name her), and all of the fierce ways she can up your social media game. Here’s what [...]

The 7-Year-Itch

We’ve all heard the saying “7-year-itch,” a phrase typically used for couples who have reached the 7-year mark of marriage. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a blog post about THAT. Instead, I would like to apply this silly (and kind of awkward) phrase towards the marriage of our business: a beautiful, complicated, and rewarding relationship. Our 7-year mark of launching Get Community was officially on January 1st, and in the [...]

New Year, New Office!

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope you had a fantastic holiday unplugging, unwinding, and enjoying every second with family and friends...we certainly did! The team at Get Community had a rejuvenating start to the new year in an amazing new office. Yes, we moved...AGAIN. Fourth time’s the charm! Isn’t that what they say? You can now visit your favorite social media peeps in a cozy little house near the corner of Chapman and [...]