S2E1: 2022 Trends Report

On this episode, Kelly and Ryan break down Get Community’s 2022 Trends Report for you. They discuss how much the past year has changed the game for both the homebuilding and digital marketing industries, and the rise of certain marketing forms that will skyrocket the success of your businesses.

S1E9: Tik Toks, Reels, and Homes

We’ve talked about Reels on HBHH before in regards to how Instagram is now favoring videos, but today, we’re discussing short-form videos in general, specifically TikToks (which can be made into Reels). There is a new medium of advertising sweeping across various industries and real estate and homebuilding is no exception.

S1E8: Industry Sibling Duo, Lisa Parrish and Christopher Mayer

Powerhouse sibling duo Lisa Parrish and Christopher Mayer are the children of Peter Mayer from Peter Mayer Productions. Peter Mayer Productions has been the homebuilding industry’s most prominent national award show host, hosting shows including the Golden Nugget Awards, National Sales and Marketing Awards, and the MAME Awards in several states.

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