Blogs We Love and Why We’re Obsessed

Blogs. ? They’re so great for a MULTITUDE of reasons! They not only help you get your name out there…they can also help you increase your SEO and develop relationships with your readers (in some cases your client base). Blogs are written on a variety of topics…in fact, if you can think it…there’s probably a blog for that. ? And that brings us to today’s topic…drum roll please ?…our favorite blogs and why we’re OBSESSED with them.

Blog: Social Media Today

Blog: Marketing Tips from MailChimp

  • Email – Marketing. Two very important words that are KEY to any good marketing strategy for any business! One of the leaders when it comes to email marketing is MailChimp. Their Marketing Tips work on a wide audience, from those just starting to use email marketing to the pros. We’re obsessed because of the in-depth detail that they give on how to build relationships with your audience and turn a profit.

Blog: The Podcast Host 

  • Want to be part of the in-crowd? Podcasting is the name of the game when it comes to connecting with the younger generations! The Podcast Host not only offers tips for those just starting out, they also give advice for those trying to grow their audience and their brand/niche. We’re obsessed because they always have great little nuggets of info for EVERYTHING. Need new equipment? There’s a section on the blog built out just for that. Trying to create a website for your podcast? There’s a step-by-step guide from creating your own domain to creating content on your new website.

Blog: Go Into the Story

  • Everyone loves a good story. Storytelling has been around since the dawn of time, and many of us write about our lives in some way, shape, or form. Go Into The Story is one of our favorite storytelling blogs. Scott Myers, a screenwriting guru, includes “How To” guides to help make your writing stronger and get people addicted to your storytelling.

Blog: Mad About the House

  • Who doesn’t love decorating? It can be one of the many great things about owning a home. Decorated journalist Kate Watson-Smyth took her writing skills to the next level by creating Mad About the House. This blog is great for so many reasons! It displays a wide range of interior decorating tips that would fit any home and lifestyle.

Blog: Decorilla

  • Changing things up in your home can be so much fun! We love the decorating blog, Decorilla! It focuses on tips and trends from the latest in seasonal decor to up and coming designs!

We hope you love these blogs as much as we do! Happy reading!?

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