Making The Case for Drip Campaigns

You only get one shot when it comes to making first impressions. In fact, research shows it takes about 7 seconds ?  for people to have a solid impression of who you are and what your business is about. This is why it’s SOOO important to get things right the first time, and that’s where drip campaigns come into play.

What is a drip campaign?! 

Drip campaigns are a marketing strategy where emails and even text messages (check out our past blog post here) go out at specific dates and times automatically. They help you stay in touch and specifically target different groups of people, like when someone signs up for an account or how often that person visits your site.

Email drip campaigns are all about giving the right information at the right time. Each email comes from a queue of already-written emails that will be sent out automatically for each campaign/promotion. For example, if someone just subscribed to your blog, a drip campaign would send a welcome email right away. Then two to three days later, another welcome email would be sent that includes an introduction to the content or some of the most popular topics posted on your blog.

You may be asking yourself, do these really work? ? The answer is YES! Recent research done by Mailchimp shows that sending a series of welcome emails yields an average of 51% MORE revenue than a single welcome email. That’s not all! Research also shows that people who read your drip emails are far more likely to click on the links in them with a 119% increase in click rate.

Now that you know the name of the game, let’s dive into HOW drip campaigns can be used.

Ways to Use Drip Campaigns

There are several different ways to use drip campaigns, from nurturing leads to welcome emails! Here’s how you should utilize them.

  • Nurturing leads. Want to nurture leads into sales? Content is key ?, and that’s where drip campaigns take center stage. By creating an email campaign, you can educate the prospective customer on services, certain features, highlight the products they’re interested in, or even offer them free trials. Research shows that when brands nurture leads they get 50% more sale-ready customers and 47% larger purchases. ?
  • Shine ✨? with welcome emails. As mentioned above, welcome emails act as an immediate introduction to your company and its content. Their importance continues to skyrocket ? as new stats show that users actually expect welcome emails when they sign up for a new service or subscription. Data from Experian shows that when a welcome email is sent instantaneously after sign-up, the open rate of the email climbs to 88.3%! So, create an amazing welcome campaign and engage with those new users/customers!
  • Onboarding. Views, views, views. Eventually, you need users to make some kind of commitment, whether it’s signing up or making a purchase. Along with welcome emails or scheduled emails, both of which introduce the user to your values, onboarding drip emails offer targeted sells. These sells could be downloading your mobile app, signing up for a webinar, or even purchasing a subscription.
  • Recommendations. Remember seeing “We recommend” and “You might also like” the last time you went shopping online? Online shopping giants, like Amazon, track your buying habits and then send you drip emails based on their predictions of what you like or dislike. You don’t need to be a billion dollar corporation to put recommendation drip campaigns to use. You can try targeting the aspects of the service your users use the most or what content they’re most interested in.

No matter your product or service, drip campaigns are a valuable resource to tap into. So, start writing and get ready to see an abundance of new customers!?

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