5 Ways to Create Killer Organic Content!

Every story, whether it’s a novel, newspaper article, or social media campaign, starts with an idea – a creative, original idea. These ideas, the ones that grab the audience by the heartstrings and inspire them to take action, are the foundation of the marketing world. Some shining examples: Nike’s famous tagline, Just Do It, motivates aspiring athletes to go the distance, and Hallmark Channel’s annual, Countdown to Christmas, airs delightful films every year to give us all of the holiday feels.

When it comes to social media, some companies and brands believe in getting the best engagement results by using paid content, or boosted content, to extend their audience reach and increase traffic. Although this is very beneficial, we’re here to tell you that strengthening the connection between your content and target audiences organically, without the help of an extra boost, can be done with the right set of tools!

Here are five ways you can improve your organic game:

  1. Keywords: Think of keywords like magic beans…the more you use them, the more your content will show up in popular search engines and, over time, your traffic and engagement stats will magically grow! If you’re trying to promote flying carpets ← these words should be used in all of your tweets, LinkedIn posts, etc. Specific keywords should also be used on your website and your “about me” blurbs, making it as easy as possible for your audience to find you. Click HERE for some other ways you can utilize keywords in your content.
  1. Blogging: Have you started blogging? If not…”JUST DO IT.” ? Blogging is another way to expand on who you are as a company and give your audience something educational to take away, whether it be 5 Ways to Make the Best Cheesecake or Cool Interior Design Tips. Blogs make for great social media content and fun posts to engage with your peeps!
  2. Track Your Content: What better way to learn from your mistakes than by tracking all of your social media posts? This is something we do on the daily so that we can see what posts are driving the most traffic organically vs. boosted posts. If you see that a post with an incredible photo did extremely well in all categories, start creating more content with awesome visuals!
  1. Evergreen Content: We love evergreen content here at Get Community! Creating a series of high-quality posts that will stay relevant six months from now makes for perfect re-posting material. Track them the first time around to see how well they did, then reuse them down the road for extra likes! Learn more about the benefits of evergreen content HERE.
  2. Put Your Audience First: Every relationship starts with trust, right? The same goes with the relationship you build with your audience. com says that a useful tactic to create organic reach is by using an 80/20 balance: 80% of your content should be helpful and useful, the other 20% should be product-focused.

This gives you the space to produce informative and interactive content for your audience, and begin to form a beautiful bond. Once they become interested in what you have to say, they’ll become interested in what you have to sell!

We hope with this new set of tools in your marketing toolbox, you will be motivated to start creating some killer organic content!

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