2019 Social Media Trends Report

2019 Social Media Trends Report

As 2019 quickly approaches, we’re gearing up for the exciting changes being made to our favorite social media platforms that will have all of us shouting “woohoo!” from the rooftops. As is the Get Community way, we’ve dug through the depths of the World Wide Web to keep you informed on the foreseeable future of social media and wrapped it all together in a sparkly, organized report!

IGTV is going to blow up!

IGTV will become a big competitor for YouTube, with new features included, such as vertical video format.

360-degree videos are on the rise, alongside virtual reality (Source: Voice Bunny):

These will be especially useful to homebuilders because they can fully showcase models and create high-quality content.

Long-form content engagement will increase:

Long-form content, such as blogs, will become more popular on Facebook specifically because of its share feature. It’s Important for homebuilders to continue to create blogs that people on Facebook want to share!

There is huge potential for text-message marketing in the homebuilding industry:

Homebuilders are currently not widely using text-message marketing, and those that do take advantage of this platform will be able to connect with audiences in a variety of ways.

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