5 Reasons Why Pinterest for Business Totally Rules

You might have heard about this little social media platform that the kids are obsessed with these days called Pinterest: the DIY and all-things-inspirational mecca of the interwebz.

Here are two likely scenarios in which you might have heard about Pinterest:

1. You were recently at a party where the nacho cheese dip was so life-changing that you needed the recipe ASAP. With great and almost terrifying gumption, you exclaimed “TEACH ME YOUR WAYS,” and the chef replied, “I found it on Pinterest”

2. Or, you might have been at a friend’s brand-new apartment for a housewarming party, and the decor was so beautifully boho-chic that you started twirling in the middle of the room like Julie Andrews on a hilltop. “Who is your interior decorator?” you asked with tears in your eyes, to which your friend replied, “I was PINspired!”

Yes, Pinterest is completely ?when it comes to finding the perfect recipe, clothing, and decor inspiration, BUT it’s also an effective way to create brand awareness. For example, that friend with the incredible apartment? She didn’t just save those area rug pins on her “MY DREAM HOME” Pinterest board. She clicked on a link provided on the pin that took her directly to the source, where she could then purchase those area rugs. Therefore, the company who posted that pin just got traffic to their website, a sale or two, and probably a new loyal customer.

On that note, let’s explore 5 reasons why YOU should be using Pinterest for business:

1. Browsers become buyers. People on Pinterest initially visit the site to get inspired for things happening in their everyday life, whether it’s trying to find a quick 30-minute dish to bring to a potluck dinner or a step-by-step DIY craft to do with the kids. Just like in our number two scenario, there are those browsers who also become potential customers, so if your company has a great product to share with the world, it’s a good idea to use Pinterest as a platform to bring in more sales.

2. Pinterest drives more traffic to your website.  There are so many ways you can use Pinterest as a tool to drive traffic to your website! Not only can you can bring in customers by promoting products they can actually purchase, you can also use Pinterest to link back to your blog, videos, how to’s, and much more! (Insider tip: using high-quality photos and graphics has a huge impact in terms of attracting people to click on your pins.)

3. Pinterest can help your SEO ranking in Google. If you read our blogs about what SEO is and the tools you can use to perfect your keywords, then you already know the impact that optimizing your content can have! These same concepts can be used for Pinterest by incorporating keywords into your pin image file name, board description, and the title of your board. You can learn more about how to make your Pinterest page SEO-friendly HERE.

4. Pinterest can up your social media game. The beauty of social media is that you can cross promote on different platforms. After you’ve picked pin-worthy photos and tightened up those SEO keywords, you can instantly share your pins on Facebook and Twitter – therefore creating even more brand awareness and pushing people to visit your website.

5. Pins are evergreen! “Because Pins last forever, your quality content has a longer shelf life. Feeds drive other digital channels, which means recency reigns supreme. Since discovery and search powers Pinterest, content has evergreen value. So when you create high-quality, relevant Pins and optimize your website, you’ll see results.” – https://business.pinterest.com

Get out there and start pinning!

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