Be PINspirational: How to Improve Your Pinterest Content

On my last blog post, we dipped our toes into the world of Pinterest and why it totally rules for business – and after reading my brilliant points, you were officially propelled to begin your own PINspirational journey.

Okay, so maybe you’re still on the fence, but even if you’re trying to decide if Pinterest is the right platform for your brand, it’s always nice to have a guide to come back to later. Hypothetically, let’s say you’ve completed the first step, which is setting up a Pinterest for business account…now it’s time to start producing engaging content for your followers.


I know this is the fun part, but if you want to successfully grow your audience via pins, you need to know how to strategically create content that is really going to gain some traction.

But, first, lemme write a description…

DON’T SKIMP ON YOUR ‘ABOUT ME’ DESCRIPTION! This is your shining moment to tell people what your brand is all about and what THEY can gain by exploring your boards and pins. You only get 160 characters here, so you need to make sure you’re using the right keywords that people would be searching for. If writing isn’t your strong suit, have your copywriter whip something up. PRO TIP: Make sure you get straight to the point of what it is you do and what they can learn from your page. Check out the #3 example that Sassy Suite provided on their website.

You had me at ‘hello.’

We know that you know that first impressions are a big deal…but in this case, they really are EVERYTHING. Images are king (or queen) on Pinterest, so posting high-quality photos is crucial. Some PRO TIPS when creating images:

  1. “Pins with a vertical aspect ratio flow better with the Pinterest experience. That’s because Pinterest organizes images vertically, stacked one on top of another in a grid. Also, most people use Pinterest on their mobile phones, so vertical Pins just look better than horizontal ones.” –
  2. Don’t be shy with text overlay! Adding text to your image can make it more aesthetically pleasing and give your message a major boost. Make sure it’s short and sweet and easy to read.
  3. INFOGRAPHICS. We love creating infographics for Pinterest! They are a great way to promote your blog and gain traffic for your website, and it’s also an opportunity to TEACH your audience something about your product. Here is one example of an infographic we created for the Mountain House blog:

It’s interesting visually, there is an intro explaining what the blog is about, and it offers three points from the blog (a preview of what you can learn from the full post). The infographic is also clickable so that it takes you straight to the blog to read more.

Check out these stats from

Infographics can increase web traffic by up to 12%.

Infographics have had the biggest increase in usage among B2B marketers in the last four years — now at 65%.

People following directions with text and illustrations do 323% better than people following directions without illustrations.

PINspirational Videos

Did you know that you can also post videos on Pinterest? According to, “Pinners have a huge appetite for video: 75% say they’re likely to watch videos about topics that interest them, compared to 55% of people on other platforms.” Videos can show your products in action and hook your audience in to learn more. Videos also encourage followers to take it one step further and actually make a purchase on your website. You can learn more about promoting videos on Pinterest HERE.

Click-Worthy Pin Descriptions

Just like the ‘About Me’ description, it’s important to write thoughtful PIN descriptions with those magic buzzwords that can show up in search engines. Again, if writing is not your forte, divide and conquer by tasking this to your copywriters. It’s important that they scribe relatable content that explains what your audience can GAIN from clicking on this particular pin.

PRO TIP #1:  A lengthy description can go a long way! Pins offer a maximum of 300 words, so take the time to be creative. Let’s say you’re trying to sell unicorn slippers (random, but go with me on this), this is how you wouldn’t want to write the description: “Unicorn slippers available now.” This tells your audience nothing about the slippers and what makes them great – besides the fact that they resemble a unicorn.

Here’s an example of a description that is more exciting to read:
“These unicorn slippers are PURE MAGIC! Not only do they look fabulous, but they are super comfortable, cozy, and come in all sizes. The ideal gift for the person in your life that leaves pixie dust and sunshine wherever he/she goes, your loved one is going to feel truly majestic. Not just for around the house! They are also the perfect addition for fun costumes. BONUS: They are machine washable! Grab your pair today. #Unicorns #UnicornGifts #MagicalGifts #GiftsforFriends

The second description is not only WAY more interesting, but we also learned why they are VALUABLE: Great for costumes, comfortable, come in all sizes, and are machine washable.

PRO TIP #2: Don’t forget your hashtags! Adding hashtags to your pins will also increase your chances of showing up in search engines and feeds.

Assemble your team and start creating some Pinterest magic! ⭐

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