Social Media Management and You!

In our last blog we talked all about the importance of content integration across all of your brand platforms, and this week we want to discuss how to make it easier with platform integration! Integrating all of the services you need into the most efficient number of platforms can be crucial to creating a consistent brand voice and content strategy. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Using consistent tools and services translates to brand consistency.
    • Creating all of your content in ONE PLACE will help maintain a similar look for your entire brand because you can reference templates, old content, and a variety of similar styles in that place.
    • If you’re creating videos, graphics or other visual content, it helps to use the same set of tools. When bouncing that ball from one platform to another, you risk the availability of consistent tools, fonts and layouts. And that’s where you degrade your brand. Find a creative platform that works for you and stick to it! We love using platforms such as Canva and Wave.Video!
  2. Using consistent platforms keeps you organized!
    • Organization is key when it comes to social media. Juggling all the bits of content, strategy, copy and creative is a lifestyle in this business. The platforms you choose should integrate various services and tools to keep you organized!
    • Storing all content in one place gives your entire team accessibility! Issues that arise can be tackled by offense, defense, the quarterback or the coach both quickly and efficiently, because everything is tucked neatly in one place.

Integrated platforms = accessibility = efficiency.

3. Integration creates a comprehensive view of brand and analytics.

  • Using a management software or a platform that integrates your social media profiles and your content will help you see your brand’s BIG picture. It does the work of bringing all the data together and makes it easy for you to understand how all of your efforts perform as a whole.
  • Skipping from platform to platform for analytics and content review is time consuming and makes it difficult to see larger patterns of growth or decline.

Now that we’ve outlined why it’s important to integrate your tools, data, and services, here are a few management platforms we LOVE!

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  1. Gain
    • Gain is our life here at Get Community. This is an amazing and intuitive platform for creating social media content, posting it to your various channels and storing everybody’s conversations about each piece of content through the entire approval process (we’re talking from the writer through as many steps as needed to get to client approval). Did we say it’s uber-user-friendly, too?
  2. Sprout Social
    • Sprout Social is a great content creation, analytics, and engagement platform. It brings together almost all social media platforms and allows you to see data from all of those accounts while also interacting with your audience. And it provides additional tools like chatbots and social listening.
  3. Tailwind
    • Tailwind is a Pinterest and Instagram management app that helps you auto-schedule both your Pins and Instagram posts. It is one of the only platforms that helps you manage more than one Pinterest account in one place, create and save drafts, and participate in Tailwind Tribes. Tribes are excellent for finding like-minded groups to spread the love of whatever topic you are all pinning. Tailwind integrates a variety of tools that simply make you look like a Pinterest rock star. Just watch your organic growth shine using this tool!
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