S2E7: Creating A Mutually Healthy Environment in the Workplace

Click here to learn how to create a mutually healthy environment in the workplace

Welcome to Home Builder Happy Hour! It’s time to mix your favorite cocktail, pop your headphones on, and learn all about the latest homebuilding news, tips, and trends from Get Community’s super siblings, Ryan and Kelly. Tune in for insightful discussions with industry leaders and advantageous tips from insiders who know how to navigate the competitive landscape of the homebuilding market.

The Great Resignation has hit the job market, the homebuilding industry, and the overall economy in a number of ways. Employees are seeking a flexible work environment just as employers are seeking the right people to keep their companies afloat.

Kelly and Ryan reflected on their own experiences at Get Community with employee relationships and turnover rate. These have navigated creating a positive work environment through culture, flexibility, and mutually healthy relationships. Tune in to learn how to get through the trials and tribulations of shaping a solid work environment.

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