Make a Connection: Using LinkedIn in Your Marketing Strategy

We all know LinkedIn as the place to find and recruit new employees, but what if we told you that you could also integrate this professional social media platform into your marketing strategy? With the opportunity to create unique blog posts and utilize paid advertising on LinkedIn, there’s a strong potential for you to find new leads, such as potential homebuyers or brokers! Here are four tips on how you can start [...]

RE: Your Google Personalized Ads – Important Updates!

If you’re part of the homebuilding industry, there are important changes coming to Google’s personalized advertising! A few days ago, Google announced there will be new restrictions to personalized ads. Here is the official statement: “On October 19, we are updating our personalized advertising policies to introduce new targeting restrictions. In an effort to improve inclusivity for users disproportionately affected by societal biases; ads for housing, employment, and credit products or services [...]

New Look, Same Us! 10 Years of Get Community, Inc.

In case you didn’t hear, we’re BIG fans of celebrations, and this January marks a huge milestone for us! January 1, 2021, will be our ten-year anniversary! A lot has happened in ten years, and we wanted to reflect on our growth and staying relevant with changing times, which is why we’ve decided to give our logo a modern refresh.       “At Get Community, one of the things we value [...]

Reel Talk: The Pros and Cons of Instagram Reels

Last month, Instagram introduced its direct competitor to TikTok: Instagram Reels. This new feature allows users to create short, fun videos utilizing Instagram’s filters and other editing tools. The result is something fairly similar to TikTok, but these videos live on a special section on your page, similar to IGTVs. While it's always fun to play with the newest and shiniest tools, it’s also important to evaluate and determine if it should [...]