Unleashing Creativity: Get Community Staff Recap at Adobe MAX 2023

The Get Community Video and Creative team at Adobe MAX

So, you know the Adobe MAX conference, right? It’s THE spot for creative minds to gather and discuss the latest and greatest from Adobe. Get Community sent members of our video and design teams to try out new technologies and learn more about the growth of AI in video editing and graphic design. In this blog, we’ll dive into our team’s experience at Adobe MAX 2023, sharing key takeaways, surprising discoveries, and the innovative trends that left them feeling inspired for new possibilities in 2024!

To make the most of the conference, we sent down our Art Director, Jenna, and two of our videographers, Tony and James. As with many spaces in today’s marketing world, the main focus was how Adobe’s products and their integration could bring clients the best in video editing and graphic design.

The Get Community Video and Creative team at Adobe MAX

The GC Team was privileged to immerse themselves in transformative sessions and keynotes. From mastering the art of crafting cohesive ad campaigns to optimizing workflows, the insights gained were invaluable. The spotlight, however, was on revolutionary products like Adobe Express that seamlessly integrate AI for enhanced graphics and ad creation. The AI regenerative fill and smart photo/video editing tools showcased the future of visual content production, promising improved color, focus, and effects.

The tools presented at Adobe Max could totally shake up how we market our homebuilders’ products in 2024! We’re talking upgraded graphics and ads that can seriously grab attention with a whole new level of creativity. The AI regenerative fill and those fancy photo/video editing tools are like secret weapons for making our visual content pop. Think of vivid colors, sharp focus, and some seriously captivating effects. These tools aren’t just about making things look cool; they’re game-changers that can help us advance next year and beyond. It’s like bringing the future to our homebuilders’ doorsteps!

The Get Community Video and Creative team at Adobe MAX

As we step into the new year, the application of these advancements positions us at the forefront of delivering impactful marketing campaigns for our homebuilders…and we can’t wait to show you what they can do!

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