GC Case Study: Get Texting, Start Connecting with GC Text

We live in a world where texting has become an essential part of marketing. From restaurants to even voting, peoples’ phones are always buzzing with deals, opportunities, and updates.

Though emailing is a great way for businesses to communicate with their clients, texting is far more efficient. Someone is more likely to check their phone immediately when they get a text notification; and as a result, there is a good chance they will see the offer (99%) and respond to it (45%). It’s definitely worth engaging with your audience via text messages.

Text Campaigns Are Versatile

Get Community has its own text messaging platform called GC Text, and it has proven to be helpful to master planned communities and our builder clients. Here’s an example of how one of our Northern California master planned community clients has reached their audiences. Using GC Text, they have been able to:

  • Send neighborhood and community updates
  • Start a resident text list, which grew quickly via adding it to the resident website, QR codes and in-person event sign-ups
  • Market neighborhood collections
  • Advertise community amenities
  • Build mutually rewarding relationships with homeowners
  • Foster community pride and brand advocacy

Text Campaigns Produce Results

Here are some stats we’ve compiled for the same client’s text campaigns over a 6-month period between 9/21 and 3/22:

  • 2.8k web sessions (visits)
  • 1:20 minutes is the average session time
  • 1.85 pages viewed per session
  • 18 community newsletter sign-ups
  • 66 requests for more info about a specific neighborhood or floorplan
  • 310 web sessions were produced by one popular text campaign for a neighborhood within this masterplan
  • 2:36 minutes on site (a record-setting time) was produced by a neighborhood opening announcement text, which also resulted in four people signing up for the community newsletter

Text Campaigns Drive Engagement

Neighborhood update texts have typically been more popular than general masterplan texts, which shows that people are more engaged in their specific neighborhood. When we started, the average number of web sessions produced per text for this masterplan was around 50 to 100. Now, after six months, that number has increased resulting in 150 – 200 web sessions per text campaign.

Text Campaigns Enhance Marketing Efforts

One of our urban infill builder clients in Southern California uses GC Text to market a variety of neighborhoods to support their other campaigns running on websites, social media, and emails. GC Text has enabled them to send updates on new neighborhood preview events and construction tours, homesite releases, pre-qualification processes, and much more. Here are some stats we’ve compiled for this builder’s neighborhood text campaigns over a 6-month period from 9/21 to 3/22:

  • 1:39-1:51 minutes avg. time on site is the average session time for pre-qualification campaigns
  • 59 sessions, 3:03 minutes avg. time on site, and 11 interest list sign-ups from a text about a particular neighborhood
  • 106 sessions and 1:15 minutes avg. time on site from a text about a neighborhood’s upcoming homesite release
  • 77 sessions, 1:52 minutes avg. time on site, and 4 interest list sign-ups from a text about the pre-qualification process starting at a specific neighborhood
  • 136 sessions, 1:39 minutes avg. time on site, and 2 interest list sign-ups from a text about the pre-qualification process starting at another specific neighborhood

If you are curious to discover how GC Text can help your brand, communities, and neighborhoods enjoy exciting budget-friendly results, like what these examples show, click here.

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