Why You Should Use DMs for Marketing

In the world of marketing, it can be hard to stand out, especially on social media. Sometimes as marketers, we wish there was an easier way to break through the tide and reach out to just one person. The good news is that it is possible with our good friends direct marketing and private messages!

First of all, what is direct marketing? The answer is actually fairly simple! Think of your basic brand marketing strategy. It probably involves different avenues (digital, print, word-of-mouth) where a business promotes itself en masse. The overall goal is to make potential customers aware of the brand and product.  Direct marketing is similar, only instead of a business utilizing the same broad message to other businesses and potential clients, they’re using a specific call-to-action directed at a target group of individuals or businesses. Comparatively, the approach is more direct (hence the name) and usually involves a bit of research to determine who to target. Because each specific ask is quantified, you can get measurable results! If you’re looking for some inspiration, here’s how 8 brands utilized direct marketing to grow their customer base.

Each method of direct marketing has its benefits, but for our intents and purposes, we’ll be focusing on direct marketing via private messages. Also known as direct or instant messaging, this simple service on social media platforms is a great way to contact potential and current customers without breaking a sweat! Gary Vaynerchuk breaks down the process  into easy to follow rinse-and-repeat steps. Keep in mind that the key to success is repetition. Duplicate the process as many times as you need to get the results that you desire.

When crafting your messages, be sure to be specific and friendly, and have one simple call to action! If you’re reaching out to a potential customer, you could mention how you came across their profile and how you think your product may be beneficial to them. For example, if you’re a marketer, you can say, “I have some ideas on how to improve your website and would love to provide a consult session to discuss it.” Not every message should be identical, as it should pertain to the interests and needs of the individual, but the objective should be the same.

Now that we have our how, let’s talk about the why. The most obvious reason is to gain new customers. By using direct messages as a marketing tool, you are able to facilitate a 1:1 conversation with a new customer or client. This is your chance to answer questions about your product, provide recommendations, and get feedback! But, let’s take a step out of the box and look beyond customers. Social media is a colorful hub of collaboration, and your next one could be one DM away! When you’re conducting your research for outreach, consider potential business opportunities that could be made. You may find a new photographer or blogger to help promote your brand. And for our homebuilder friends, you can also scope out interior designers for new projects!

It will take some time to conduct your research and find who it is you want to reach out to, but once the groundwork is established, all you need to do is maintain it! Stay tuned for our next blog post for tips on managing your DM inbox. ?

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