We’re Still Standing: 5 Months of Working From Home

We’re Still Standing: 5 Months of Working From Home

Honestly, it feels like we just blinked and it’s now August. Summer is coming to an end, but more importantly, it has now been almost five months since our team began working from home. We’re still in disbelief about that because it literally feels like only yesterday we started on this #WFH endeavor. While it’s crazy to think that our team hasn’t been together in person since March, we don’t feel disconnected! With weekly check-ins and Zoom birthday happy hours, we’ve made sure to keep our company culture thriving even though we’re apart. Still, we wanted to check in with everyone and ask them what their home office must-haves are that help them get through the day. Here’s what they said!

Kelly: “My must-have item working from home is this light ring with an attached phone holder. It’s perfect for recording videos and makes me look AMAZE on Zooms. Lighting is everything, people!

Marshall: “Hey y’all. So I only took this photo outside because taking a picture of me laying on the couch was way less aesthetically pleasing. ? Anyways, I just invested in these blue light glasses. Our computers and phones give off blue light that can be harmful to our eyesight long term. These glasses are specifically designed to block out those blue lights, and minimize computer headaches and eye deterioration. I love them and would highly recommend them to any busy computer-user!”

Kylie: “For me, the hardest part of working from home is staying motivated. So my two must-have items are my balcony so I can work outside safely, and my Dolly Parton coffee cup to bring me cheer (and lots of coffee!).”

Cat: “I only have a few things on my work desk at home but they all make me happy and help keep me productive! On my desk is my ZZ plant that keeps on growing even though I barely water it, a hand-carved wood elephant from my last trip to Italy that reminds me of all of the places I want to travel to, my Doctor Who mouse pad that just makes me smile, and a calendar that helps me keep track of what day it actually is!”

Paulina: “A couple things that make me happy during the work day are my plants and fun art! This particular print reminds me of my travels and makes me smile whenever I look over at it.”

Alex: “My windows with special window film! I like the rainbows it brings into my room.”

Delaney: Working from home has become routine for me, and the one thing that brings me the most joy, besides working in my sweatpants, is my diffuser! The scents of the essential oils keep me happy and calm throughout the day!”

Lindsay: “I LOVE my #WFH space! Setting up a makeshift desk on the deck has made working from home feel a little bit smoother and it’s a nice change of scenery from working at the kitchen table every day. I feel more relaxed and productive when I change my work spot throughout the day. If you have an outdoor space, I highly recommend giving it a try!”

Sure, at first the shift to working from home was difficult, but we’ve had time to adjust and make our spaces unique to keep us motivated and ready to conquer our work days! We’re curious, what is an essential must for your #WFH space? Let us know in the comments below!

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Kylie Hunter is a copywriter for Get Community. When she’s not creating content, you can find her crafting or up in the air as an aerial silks coach.

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