Things to Consider When Considering a Podcast

We’ve been discussing podcasts all month long and now YOU are excited to start, right? There are many ways to get into podcast marketing, so we’ve compiled some things to consider when getting started.

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  1. Think of podcasts as digital audio content. As with any content your business creates, there should be a content strategy behind it! Do not dive into creating audio content without a plan or a goal. Your podcast strategy should not only be defined, but should also fit into your overall content plan. Even if you don’t create a consistent form of audio content like a podcast, it can be a great medium to add to your plan. With a strategy in place, your audio content can supplement and complement your existing content and make it easier for people to instantly recognize your brand. Creating a plan lets the content work together instead of compete for audience attention.
  2. Do your audience research. Because podcasts do not operate on one standardized network with a set of rules, they can have very different, niche audiences. There is an audience for everything, and if you do your research, you will find an audience that is willing to listen and commit to your brand. In your research, if you find that there are gaps in topics or in audience, you may have found the perfect opportunity to create a podcast! Grasp this opportunity to serve an underserved audience and create a podcast that fits your brand and the people you are trying to reach. On the other hand, if you find that your audience niche is oversaturated with existing podcasts, advertising could be the best option. Rather than competing, take advantage of the already established podcasts with large followings and see your brand awareness grow!
  3. Find creative ways to bring your brand into podcasting. You do not need to create your own podcast to get into podcast marketing! Because audio content is a flexible medium, you can be inventive with the ways that you use and structure them! For example, you can try being a guest spot! Insert yourself into those established podcasts that already speak to your audience. There are tons of podcasts that are always looking for guests to interview. If you find the right one, reach out to see if they are willing to connect with your brand. This relationship can bring a large amount of brand awareness with a completely new audience at no cost to you.
  4. When you invest in podcasting, you invest in all your content marketing. Podcasts are multifunctional and can be used across your social media, website, and your entire digital presence! You can reuse quotes, show art, sound bites, and more to promote your podcast and brand. Your website SEO can receive a boost from all the links back from iTunes (which is a Page Rank One website). If you are unsure about starting, remember that podcasting is an investment into all your content marketing!
  5. Be ready to commit. Podcasts can take time to garner a following and an advertising presence. It can also be time consuming to do your research and reach out to the perfect podcast to sponsor. If you want to break into the space, dedicate the time to create an audio content strategy and find your audience. If you don’t think creating a new podcast is right for you, then take a different option and advertise or be a guest spot! All of these options will vary in commitment and some will work better than others. While podcasts might be time consuming they can also be very rewarding in terms of increased brand awareness and engagement.
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