The Missing Link: 4 Reasons You Should Advertise on LinkedIn

We all know the importance of paid advertising on social media, but have you ever considered implementing those ads on LinkedIn? Granted, this may not be the first platform that comes to mind when you plan out your social media strategy, but there are key benefits for incorporating this site into your advertising flow! Here are four reasons why you should consider paid advertising on LinkedIn:

  1. Access to an accurate audience

While other platforms have more generalized targeting options for paid ads, LinkedIn allows you to create streamlined ads to cater to your ideal audience. You have the option to target individuals based on:

  • Location
  • Job Title
  • Company Name
  • Industry
  • Degree
  • Professional Interests

(Queue epic Disney music!)

  1. Sponsored InMail

Remember that blog post a couple weeks ago where we talked about integrating Direct Message Marketing into your strategy? Well, LinkedIn provides you with the option to use their InMail messaging to send out sponsored content directly to a user’s profile. We recommend using this option when you have a niche target audience in mind, like notifying brokers about a grand opening event!

  1. Matched Audience Targeting

Work smarter, not harder! LinkedIn advertising provides a unique service called Matched Audiences to reach a targeted group “based on website retargeting, account targeting, and email contact targeting.” From there, you can easily create a look-a-like audience that matches those who already have shown interest in your brand, rather than trying to formulate that copycat group on your own. For more information about this service, check out this article from LinkedIn.

  1. Lead Accelerator Tool

Once you’ve garnered a group of interested individuals, how do you convert them into customers? LinkedIn actually offers a Lead Accelerator tool that will identify and target your highest potential audience and in turn increase your conversion rate!

Starting a new ad campaign is never easy, but with the right tools (like those LinkedIn offers ?) you can create a cohesive strategy that can provide tremendous value to your brand. Happy advertising!

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