Make a Connection: Using LinkedIn in Your Marketing Strategy

We all know LinkedIn as the place to find and recruit new employees, but what if we told you that you could also integrate this professional social media platform into your marketing strategy? With the opportunity to create unique blog posts and utilize paid advertising on LinkedIn, there’s a strong potential for you to find new leads, such as potential homebuyers or brokers! Here are four tips on how you can start marketing on LinkedIn:

  1. Reframe your current content 

You spent the time and resources creating beautiful photos and videos, why not share them even more? Use them to create meaningful posts that resonate with your audience on LinkedIn. Because this is a business platform, reframe your copy to align to that interest. If you’re talking about new homes available in Los Angeles for example, talk about the location and how close it is to the job market. You can also discuss proximity to public transportation, or what the commute would look like!

If you want to talk specifically about a home design, you can highlight the home office space, or a flex space that can be converted into an office if needed.

Pro-Tip: Be sure to use relevant hashtags in all your posts! This will allow new individuals to discover your page.

  1. Use a B2B mindset 

The great thing about LinkedIn is that you’re not just connecting with individuals, you’re also connecting with companies! Take the time to introduce yourself to local brokers and encourage them to join your Interest List so they can receive updates on upcoming homes for their clients. You can even post about new partnership opportunities to work with interior designers and photographers when you have a new project in the works!

  1. Write informative articles 

Share your expertise! One distinction that LinkedIn has amongst other social media sites is that you also have the ability to pen relatable articles that your followers can share. We suggest making these both relatable AND informative so people resonate with the content and want to learn more about your community! Here are some topic ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Benefits of owning a new home
  • Why you should move to (insert city here)
  • Benefits of a smart home
  • How your home can be eco-friendly
  • How to create a productive workspace at home
  1. Host live video sessions

Going live is a great way for your followers to ask questions in real time! Again, since this is a business platform, you can structure these lives to fit those interests. For example, you could do a live video for brokers and highlight the specific locations of your communities and why they are great places to live, or go into detail about the cost-saving benefits of owning a home with energy-efficient features.

If you’re thinking about adding LinkedIn to your marketing strategy, the good news is that you probably already have the tools you need to get started! All you really need to do is think about how this audience differs from the one you see on Facebook or Instagram, and adjust accordingly. As always, the team is here to help you with pointers and content ideas!

Happy Connecting!

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