Mobile Marketing & Why it Kicks Butt

If you’re someone who fears technology, you’re not the only one who finds it scary and overwhelming (I mean, we all know what happened in the 80s). Let’s take a look at Mobile Marketing and where the industry is taking it.


Or, perhaps your anxiety stems from one device in particular…that little hand-held machine that has practically become a vital limb to the human body?

I’ll admit, I feel completely naked without my smartphone in close proximity to my person at all times. It tells me the time, the weather, alerts me when I get emails, texts, and when my Amazon package has arrived (yay!). These features are great, but a mobile device is so much more than that exciting ping! telling you that a fun surprise has arrived on your doorstep.

Mobile devices have become an important and necessary tool for businesses that are trying to market themselves, and connect with an audience they know would love their product. If you think of mobile marketing and picture this guy…


…I promise you, it’s not that scary. In fact, mobile marketing is without a doubt a VALUABLE way to launch your brand and show off what your products/services can do!

Here are 7 reasons why mobile marketing KICKS BUTT:

1. 80% of smartphone users check their phones right after they wake up.



I’ll admit (right or wrong), the first thing I do after my alarm goes off is check out what’s happening on Facebook and Instagram. Whether you’re a savvy mobile marketer or a beginner, this is something to keep in mind when creating/scheduling content.

Plus, if this many people are greeting the day by reading what you have to say, you’re already creating a strong mobile presence for yourself…and it’s not even 9:00 a.m.!

2. #TruthBomb

According to, the number of social media users in 2018 is 3.196 billion. AND… The number of mobile phone users in 2018 is 5.135 billion.


3. Worldwide, mobile email users will total more than 2.2 billion by the end of 2018.

(Louise Myers Visual Social Media)


Also, according to this source, email open rates on mobile grew to 68% in 2018 compared to 21% in 2012. If you love to e-blast, send out newsletters, or your company is hosting a promotion/campaign, there’s a pretty good chance your readers will be answering that familiar email ping! on their smartphones vs. a desktop.

Start making your visual content (infographics, flyers, etc.) mobile email friendly!

4. 78% of video content will be screened via mobile devices in 2018.



Let’s be real, videos are the best! And, the most popular place to watch them in 2018 is on a smartphone. If you want to get a reaction out of your audience, this is a surefire way to capture their attention.

Need some pointers on how to create a video that’s right for mobile? Click HERE for some tips!

5. As of last year,

68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy. (


Airbnb. Tesla. Nike. Play-Doh. What’s the one thing these very different brands have in common? Awesome Instagram accounts, the platform that has become a HUGE marketing tool for companies reaching out to a mobile audience. No matter what product or service you’re trying to promote, snap it…then gram it!

Click HERE to check out these other popular companies who have a standout mobile presence through the power of Instagram.

6. More than 90% of buyers reporting a superior mobile experience say they are likely to buy from the same vendor again.



We all know what it feels like to prep for a big interview in hopes of impressing a potential employer. How you present yourself and your credibility is crucial, and the same can be said about mobile marketing.

Think of your mobile presence as an interview with your audience: if the visuals stand out, the information is easy to navigate, and you’re promoting your product/service in a way that speaks to your readers…you’ve got the job!

7. Worldwide, more people own a cell phone than a toothbrush.


Like I said, mobile marketing is far from scary. However, choosing a smartphone over healthy gums is terrifying…so, don’t do that.


Now that you know how super cool and approachable mobile marketing is, here’s how WE can help you go mobile at Get Community:

Mobile App Development

With stats being so high on mobile minutes spent within an app vs. on a browser, having a mobile app in the iTunes or Google Play store is strategically a great move for a company. If you need a mobile app, we’ve got you covered!

Mobile Advertising

If you’re going to put money towards a digital campaign, then you cannot overlook mobile advertising. What we do is run ads through both mobile apps AND on web browsers, driving traffic to your website, but more importantly, driving traffic to your location AND tracking whether that person saw our ad first.

The tech side of this is HUGE because we can geotarget very specific locations, including your competitors!

Mobile Websites

We design and develop websites that are mobile-user friendly! When a customer is driven via a mobile ad to your website, that experience becomes an easy and intuitive one.


Ready to take your brand to the next level? We’re ready to help you get there. Contact us today!

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