Instagram Reels: Why They’re Reely Reely Rad

Instagram Reels and why they are really important

We’re living in a world where short-form media is tightening its grip on the industry of online entertainment. First, we had Vine (RIP), then TikTok (the app formerly known as exploded onto the scene. Now we have Instagram Reels, Youtube Shorts, and Venmo Minis—that last one isn’t real—at least for now. None of this may be breaking news to you, since the TikTok phenomenon has spread far and wide, permeating into most age groups.

Short-form apps are packed with useful features, and despite the negative stigma surrounding these TikTok-style videos, they are marketing gold. In the homebuilding industry, they are extremely underutilized. There’s a chance that homebuilders and their affiliates are primarily focused on building an online presence on the dozens of other social sites/apps out there, automatically ruling out short form content. We don’t blame you if that’s been your viewpoint, but we have a strong reason to believe (with data to back it up) that creating short-form videos is an amazing way for homebuilders to grow their audience, forge a closer relationship with their followers, and ultimately sell, or resell, more homes. As the Sales Manager at Brandywine Homes, John Gilbert, recently said, “…apparently dancing [via Reels] helps sell homes in 2021!! ?”

Additionally, Reels are often more engaging because they don’t take themselves too seriously or need to hyper-focus on the product being sold in order to pique someone’s interest in your company. Light-hearted and creative Reels can build trust between your brand and your audience by developing a sense of relatability. In the universe of Reels, Sales Agents don’t have to look stuffy and uncomfortable as they read off a list of features about the home they’re selling. Instead, they can do a viral dance, lip sync to a famous line from a movie or TV series, or take part in a trend, all while subtly weaving their sales pitch into the content of the video.

For example, check out this Reel we made for Brandywine Homes. By utilizing a trending song, flashy and fast-paced editing, and showing beautiful tidbits of the home, we were able to make a unique and engaging marketing video that is more likely to make the viewer want to check out Brandywine’s other content. Don’t take our word for it, we have the data to back up the success our clients have seen by making Reels.

Brandywine Homes

  • Organic Reels received 661% more views and 900% more engagement compared to organic Stories
  • Paid Reels received 20% more views compared to paid Stories
  • Reels received 32% more sessions than Stories
  • Reels received 23% more link clicks than Stories

Shea Homes

  • Reel ads had a 44% larger reach than Story ads
  • Reel ads generated 175% more 3-sec video views than Story ads
  • In Q3 of 2021, the addition of Reels increased link clicks by 17% and video views by 21% compared to Q2 of 2021
  • Web traffic from Reel ads deliver an 8% longer average time on site

Short-form videos are far from being a trend that will fade in a year or so. They have become one of the main ways people consume content on the internet. Now—before everyone else in the homebuilding industry jumps onboard—is the time to embark on the journey into marketing via Reels. If you’re looking for a sidekick to help out so you don’t have to discern which dances are going viral or how to piece together a short, snappy video using only your phone, Get Community is here to lend you a helping hand! You can always contact us to learn about our digital media services.

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