Get Community’s Top Takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2023

Social Media Marketing World 2023 Team Photo collage

The GC Team recently attended the annual Social Media Marketing World conference in San Diego. The conference brought together some of the most prominent social media and digital marketing names to share their insights, experiences, and best practices! Our team was thrilled to attend the conference and gain valuable knowledge and inspiration to apply to all of our clients’ social media strategies. Here are some key takeaways and highlights from their experience at Social Media Marketing World:

Mastering TikTok

Jewel’s Key Takeaway

During the Mastering TikTok Marketing: Advanced Strategies for Success panel by Keeyna Kelly, it was highlighted that microlearning is a powerful way to reach and engage with users on TikTok! The average person’s attention span is just 8-11 seconds, so videos that offer small pieces of information or tips work well. These types of videos can lead to viewers asking questions in the comments and re-watching the content multiple times.

To encourage engagement, it’s essential to include a CTA that directs viewers to your profile for more content or a way to work with you. Additionally, teasing products without being sales-focused can create a sense of curiosity, and make viewers feel like it was their idea to purchase. TikTok Live Shopping is another opportunity for brands to connect with their audience and facilitate product purchases. When connecting with influencers, brands should be respectful, and specific about their needs, and highlight what’s in it for the influencer.

Embracing Artificial Intelligence

Daniel’s Key Takeaway

Marketers, don’t be afraid of this new technology. Embrace it! AI is here to expand what we can do, not replace us. Imagine having the power of an AI assistant to create a first draft of your content, giving you more time to focus on the fun parts of marketing. With your editing and creative input, your content can be even better than before. Plus, AI can help with SEO, making it easier for potential customers to find your brand. So, hop on board the AI train and enjoy the benefits it can bring to your social media marketing strategy!

Hook Your Audience

Lindsay’s Key Takeaway

Focus on hooks and creating content that addresses people’s problems. When crafting social media posts, videos, and graphics, consider how your product or service can provide a solution to a challenge the target audience might encounter, or be thinking about. To do this effectively, you can look at reviews, comments, and testimonials to understand the consumer’s pain points and create content that addresses those issues.

Short and catchy hooks are also crucial, as people’s attention spans are incredibly short! According to a TikTok expert, we can grab people’s attention within the first three seconds with hooks like “Here are three things I wish I knew before____” or “You will look at ____differently by the end of this video.”

Let AI Help You

Cat’s Key Takeaway

In the next two to three years, a whopping 80% of our daily tasks will be intelligently automated to some degree. But don’t let this intimidate you. This is simply the tech we’re already using, getting more innovative. As marketers, we have the opportunity to evolve and adapt to these changes, and in turn, a new generation of marketers is emerging. AI is enhancing our abilities, making us more efficient, and, ultimately, better at what we do. So don’t be left behind. If you’re not already utilizing these new advancements, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage compared to those who are. It’s time to embrace the power of automation and take your marketing game to the next level!

Back to the Basics

Drea’s Key Takeaway

To succeed in social media marketing, it’s essential to revisit the basics, be aware of the different types of consumers you are trying to appeal to and tailor your content accordingly! To increase growth, utilize content like Reels and unconnected engagement. Unconnected engagement involves reaching out to users who are not following your account by commenting on their posts or using relevant hashtags to target new users. Be sure to look at adjacent niche accounts, such as realtors and interior designers, in addition to other homebuilders!

To increase engagement, make use of Instagram Stories and connected engagement. Connected engagement refers to interactions with users who are already following your account or have previously engaged with your content. By focusing on both connected and unconnected engagement, you can expand your reach and attract new followers while also nurturing relationships with your existing audience!

Creating a Thoughtful Content Calendar

Ryan’s Key Takeaway

As a marketer, it’s crucial to balance sales content with lifestyle content on social media. While it’s essential to market and promotes products, it’s equally important to provide valuable and engaging content that connects with your audience on a personal level. By thoughtfully creating content calendars, you can balance these two types of content, ensuring that your brand is not only promoting products but also resonating with your audience through relatable and engaging content.

Adapting Web Content

Kelly’s Key Takeaway

It’s time to retire the word “blog” and start thinking of our website content as Hubs. By creating Ultimate Guides for each neighborhood, we can provide comprehensive, optimized content that engages and informs home shoppers. The Ultimate Guide would include a variety of information about the community, such as the best places to eat, shop, and be entertained, as well as details about walkability, dog parks, and more. Each topic would have a dedicated story or blog that would be linked to from the Ultimate Guide, and every time a new piece of content is created, the guide would be updated to create a rich, informative Hub that lives on the website. Optimizing our content and organizing it this way can improve our SEO and provide a valuable resource for our website visitors.

From learning about microlearning for TikTok to embracing AI technology, understanding hooks, and focusing on unconnected engagement, the team brought back a wealth of knowledge to ensure our clients’ social media strategies are the best that they can be! We can’t wait to take our social media game to the next level. Interested in learning more about our amazing team? Check out our interactive Teams page!

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