Company Culture: This Is How We Do It!

I have a little secret for you all. Get Community is REALLY into team-building experiences! Well… maybe that’s not a secret if you follow us on Instagram (if you don’t already, give us a follow @GetCommunity ?). Here in our little office on Chapman Ave., we set aside time at least once a month to participate in a team bonding exercise so we can get to know each other better and strengthen our “work fam” company culture.

Taking the time to plan team-building games for your employees can improve their health and happiness in the workplace! Below are just a few activities we love doing together as a team. ?

Group lunches

On Fridays, one of our coworkers becomes a culinary master and makes lunch for the entire office! We use this lunch break to enjoy our delicious meals together and talk about our lives outside of work. Making time to have lunch together is a great opportunity to learn more about your coworkers on a personal level, and get a much-needed break from your busy day!

Lunch and Learns?

Once a month, a team member leads a Lunch and Learn that showcases their special talents and expertise! Each one lasts about 30-45 minutes, and our past sessions have included presentations, creating fun Instagram stories, writing movie summaries, and flexing our drawing skills. Check out our most spooky ? Lunch and Learn in our “Team Building” story highlight on our Instagram!

Lunch and Learns are the perfect casual atmosphere for fostering an interactive learning environment, and is a non-judgemental space to work on leading groups with confidence. It’s also an informal way to work on problem-solving and communication skills.

Celebrate the holidays (and make it Insta-worthy!)?

Get Community is BIG on celebrating holidays! Whether it’s National Donut Day or Halloween, we find any excuse to have a little fun (especially if the holiday includes food…you know we’ll be participating!). Incorporating little activities like this promotes employee productivity! 

We usually like to go all out for our holidays and we document our shenanigans so our social media fam can share in the fun! ?

Personality tests

Have you ever taken a personality test? ? Some companies use personality tests during the interviewing process to narrow down candidates applying for positions, but personality tests are also an awesome way to find out more about yourself and about the people you work with! You gain insights on your coworkers’ preferences and what work style works best for them.  Two of the personality tests we’ve taken at Get Community are the 5 Love Languages and The Four Tendencies.

The 5 Love Languages test helps you identify the special ways you can make the people in your life feel appreciated and reward them for their accomplishments. ?

The Four Tendencies is a personality quiz that tells us how we respond to inner and outer expectations and how we can be more productive based on our tendency. Knowing each team member’s unique tendency helps you understand what motivates them and how you can engage more effectively with each other. It can also help you form strategies so you can become your most productive and awesome self!

While regularly participating in skill-building activities promotes a healthy work environment, it’s not the only factor that determines a positive company culture. It’s the ⭐ all-star ⭐ employees you hired who play one of the biggest roles in maintaining your office’s awesome culture. So plan a Friday lunch with your fantastic crew and start connecting!

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