A Guide to Social Media Engagement for 2023

A Guide to Social Media Engagement for 2023

As trends evolve on social media and platforms grow, how your audience engages with your content evolves too. It’s important to look at everything we learned in 2022, and inform how different kinds of content will get the spotlight in 2023. So, let’s start with the basics and talk about some tips and tricks you can use to increase your engagement this year!

Before You Dive In…

A quick tip before you get started: when looking for what gets the most engagement, start small, with your own posts. Social media engagement isn’t a perfect science, it differs slightly from industry to industry, so it’s important to see what is working for you and your competitors (for that, you can use social listening tools). Once you know what’s working, you can adapt your marketing strategy to what works best for you. Now, let’s dive into some specific trends that have been on the rise:

Use Engaging CTAs

When Get Community creates social posts for our clients, Calls to Action (or CTAs) are one of the first things we consider. This is because they are consistently the biggest driver of engagement. Luckily, CTAs are easy to implement. Great CTAs have something fun that audiences want to take part in. If you are promoting a new phase release, try asking what your audiences would host in the space. Publishing a list of attractions near your new community? Ask the audience what spots they would like to try or to recommend more places. When you end your posts with an engaging question or ask your audience to comment, they are more likely to get inspired and respond, which means more positive results for your fabulous posts.

Be in the Know with Infographics

Most social media platforms have some way to post infographics. Instagram and Facebook allow carousel posts, while informational videos are growing in popularity on TikTok. On platforms like Instagram and Facebook, a carousel allows 10 photos to swipe through. That’s ten chances to engage your audience. Every slide is a chance to connect! Additionally, on Instagram, infographic posts can easily be shared with Stories and perform well.

Memorable Memes

Memes are, for lack of a better word, entertaining. There is really no other way to put it. Everyone can make a meme, appreciates them, and there are so many meme templates, that it’s easy to find one that works for your industry. The best part? They are simple and cost-effective to make! They are also a great way to establish your brand’s “personality” and have some fun, light-hearted content on your pages. Memes were so trendy in digital media marketing in 2022 that Get Community even wrote a blog on it!

Interactive Posts

Another trend we saw make big waves in 2022 is interactive social media posts, and they are here to stay. Social media platforms, like Instagram and TikTok, and other features like polls, quizzes, and duets have caused user engagement to steadily rise. It’s so trendy that The Harris Poll found that users were 78% more likely to purchase something from a brand that used interactive media. Plus, much like memes, these can be fun posts that establish more about your brand’s personality. For a full deep dive into interactive posts, check out our blog or our 2023 Trends Report!

Adding CTAs and following popular interactive trends is a great way to up your social media engagement in 2023! Social media engagement is a major player in any marketing strategy. It’s what drives the algorithms and, by extension, who sees your content. We hope these tips and tricks help establish your brand’s vibe and give you a better chance of being boosted in the almighty social media universe! Happy posting!

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