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Our agency is dedicated to keeping up with the latest interactive marketing strategies, including Social Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Viral Marketing, and more. We help you develop the right strategy for your company through Online Brand Management, Social Media and Interactive Marketing, and Integrated Distribution of Your Company News. What follows is our commitment to you and your communities when engaging in social media on your behalf and as Get Community, Inc. We are devoted to representing you and ourselves responsibly by employing the following guidelines.

Our Commitment

All content will be in good taste. Content will accurately represent current, public information about our companies. No proprietary or confidential information will be released. All copyrights, trademarks, rights of publicity, and other third-party rights will be respected. Consumer privacy will be protected in accordance with all applicable privacy policies, laws, rules, and regulations. We will be responsible for all technology and will not knowingly engage with companies that employ malware, spyware, or excessive tracking software.

Content Guide

We write and post content based on our client’s products, events, and needs. It is thoughtfully planned out and proofed before going live. Our content is managed by humans, and by nature, humans are not infallible. In the event of an error or inaccuracy that goes unnoticed, it can and will be edited, repaired, fixed, and explained as needed in social media.

We post micro-content. That means we create content natively for each platform so that it is consumed in the most effective and appreciated way for the end consumer.  Your social community is our most important client.

Maintaining Conversation

Because social media is a community conversation, we strive to engage our followers and respond to any questions or comments they may write in response to our content.

  • We will respond in a timely manner.
  • We will get your approved answers to specific questions and/or direct the follower to the appropriate office or person.
  • We will monitor conversations and will respect both negative and positive comments and will remove all hateful, offensive, or ugly rants.

The Community

We strive to provide knowledge, establish relationships, and engage with our communities. We keep in mind that our content is focused on information, education, communication, and service.

The Internet is permanent and we are committed to leaving positive tracks on the information highway.

Guidelines for Our Employees’ Personal Use of Social Media

Personal communications made via social media are not exempt from the laws and regulations that govern personal liability across general and traditional forms of communication. Such communications should not indicate that you are speaking on behalf of Get Community, Inc or its clients. You are responsible for what you post on your own site and on the sites of others.

Employees may, on occasion, utilize social media and the web for personal matters in the workplace.  Employees may engage in incidental personal use of social media in the workplace so long as such use does not consume significant time or resources or interfere with operations and productivity. A disciplinary or a review may be initiated if an employee’s online activity violates the law or this policy, or if the employee’s non-official or unauthorized online activity otherwise subjects Get Community, Inc. to liability for such acts. Employees must recognize that Get Community, Inc. reserves the right to monitor the use of its computer systems.

Written by:

The Get Community team

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