Say Yes to SMS: Homebuilders and Text Message Marketing

Picture this scenario — one of your communities is having a Grand Opening event this upcoming weekend. You have a list of interested customers that would LOVE to attend and tour the model homes. In preparation, you update the event on your website, put out posts on all of your socials, and shoot out an email with all the right info. People show up to the event, but it’s only a fraction of the amount of folks you reached out to. ???? What happened to the rest? Here’re some likely possibilities:

  • The email got lost in the weeds of their inbox and they opened it too late
  • The email gods are conspiring against you and it got sorted into their spam folder
  • They saw your email, told themselves they’d open it later, then totally forgot (been there)
  • Your Instagram post got buried by 50 photos their Aunt Margie posted of her pug wearing a dress
  • The Millennial homebuyers on your contact list never saw your Facebook post because they haven’t logged into their accounts in over 5 years
  • The possibilities (unfortunately) go on

Since asking Aunt Margie to cool it with the pug pics is out of the question, what else can you do to make sure your potential customers receive your updates? The answer is probably tucked into your pocket or laying on your desk right now… smartphones! ???? Most people have these devices with them at all times, and 82% of us open texts within 5 minutes of receiving them. Using Text Message Marketing (a.k.a. SMS Marketing) is so effective that it can increase the attendance rate of your events by around 45%. ????

So how can Homebuilders use SMS Marketing to boost their outreach, attendance, and sales? We’re here to give you the deets.

Get the Word Out

We already touched on this a bit in the intro, but it’s worth emphasizing how helpful texting can be when trying to grab peoples’ attention or reminding them of upcoming events. Between Grand Openings, phase releases, new community announcements, community updates, and final homes selling, homebuilders have quite a bit they can text about. With Get Community’s texting platform, GC Text, you can make sure your updates are delivered whenever you need them to be. GC Text allows you to schedule texts automatically and on a regular basis. So whether you have a text message campaign for homebuyers geared up, or you’d like an easy way for clients and staff to be reminded of meetings and sales calls, you can sit back and let the automated messages do the work for you.

Reach Younger Audiences More Effectively

By now you’ve probably heard that the word on the street is that Millennials are finally entering the housing market in droves! One of the best ways to tap into this emerging homebuying base is to reach these digital natives in their natural habitat — their message apps ????. Trust me, as a certified Millennial, if a friend calls or sends me an email, I can take up to 5 business days to respond. With this generation (and the ones to follow), you can feel assured that within a couple of minutes of receiving your message, they have already opened it, read it, responded, and are back to scrolling through TikTok. Tech-savvy younger people are also likely to instantly use your message to create a reminder for the event in their digital calendars, helping them make sure they won’t forget when the time comes around.

Data for Days

Not only does Text Message Marketing help your brand get its messages out efficiently and effectively, it also provides an amazing opportunity to collect valuable data on your audience. ???? With GC Text, you can easily receive stats on texts sent, messages received, and overall up-to-date contact counts. With our engagement statistics at your fingertips, you can discover when your audience is most likely to interact with your texts, and which messages they respond to the most. With this data comes great power! You can use it to hone in on the best ways to approach your potential customers in order to better streamline the process of turning homebuyers into homeowners.

Get Started With GC Text

With the potential of Text Message Marketing laid out, you might find yourself wanting to go on a texting spree! As with all things in the wonderful world of marketing, Get Community is here to help. Our GC Text service is impactful, incredibly easy to use, and has different plans that are perfect for whatever size your company may be. Plus, we have an exclusive 5-digit shortcode available only for homebuilders!

Click HERE and fill out the form to get more information about our packages and pricing so you can start texting like a teen with their first iPhone! ????

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