Don’t be Blue, Try Something New! Download Our 2021 Trend Report

Download our GC trends report. Don't be blue, try something new with these 2021 trends

Last time, we chatted about five social media trends that we think are going to be big in 2021, but what about overall digital marketing strategies? We rolled up our sleeves, grabbed our magnifying glasses and Sherlock Holmes hats, and did some sleuthing. 

Based on research, we created our 2021 Trend Report to dive deep into three big themes we think will be the most important for home builders to consider this year:

The More the Merrier

In the past year, we’ve seen a rise of newcomers on social media, as well as a rise of millennials searching for homes. How are you welcoming both parties into your community, both virtually and physically? 

More Than a Home

Home is so much more than four walls and the place you rest your head at night. We all spent a lot more time at home this past year, and so did your potential home buyers. As a result, people are taking stock of their current living situation and recognizing a need for a change. For some it’s more space, for others, it’s a change of scenery. When they start their new home search, it’s important to ask the big question- how can they make the most of home in your community? 

Ease of Living

Don’t we all secretly wish life had an easy button? While there’s no button that will magically do our laundry or make cheesecake appear whenever we want (fingers crossed someone invents this soon!), we can showcase how easy life can be in your community, and we can find new and innovative ways to make the homebuying experience easy peasy. 

It’s not a magic cheesecake button, but it’s a start! ?

We wanted to focus on larger ideas that can be utilized in all aspects of digital marketing, from social content, advertising, SEO, and beyond so that YOU can create incredible campaigns that are relevant and informative to your audience. We hope you have as much fun reading this report as we did researching and creating it! As always, our team is just a quick message away to help you make those campaign dreams happen. 

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