It’s Time to Renew Your Interest in Pinterest: 4 New Game-Changing Features

While your company’s digital marketing may be absolutely killing it on the social media mega-platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, there are plenty of sites that are underused by homebuilders. Speaking of well-known niche sites, we know one that you may not have fully explored as an option for your business. Of course, we’re talking about Pinterest!

What you may know about this ✨aesthetically inclined✨ social media site is that it’s a great tool for users to create collections (called “boards”) of their favorite quotes and pics of food, fashion, and art. But did you know that there has been a surge of home-related searches on Pinterest since the start of the pandemic? More and more, Pinterest is becoming the hub for all things interior design and real estate, especially now that millennials are entering the home buying market in force. This is the perfect opportunity to learn how to best utilize this clever site to your advantage, which is why we’ve compiled a list of new Pinterest features that will be the most helpful for homebuilders.

Not Your Typical Story: Story Pins

Like many of our favorite social media platforms have done within the last few years, Pinterest released their own “Stories” feature. If you love how stories allow your brand to better engage with a younger audience, then hearing this will be music to your ears. If you’re not a fan of Facebook Stories, Snapchat Stories, or Instagram Stories, don’t shy away from Pinterest’s take on the trend just yet. Story Pins have one key difference that sets them apart from the competition: these Stories are here to stay. Since Story Pins aren’t deleted after twenty-four hours, they can be used as a tool to post short videos without worrying that your time and effort will be gone within a day. You could, for instance, create a series of short videos to highlight specific homes, show off your friendly sales people, or showcase your glowing testimonials.

Desirable Data: Updated Analytics Hub

We all know that great marketing is driven by data. Pinterest’s lack of comprehensive, built-in analytics tools has been an issue for many companies — until recently. Pinterest’s updated Analytics Hub allows creators to easily view the impressions, engagement, and overall performance of their content. The change provides some much-needed clarity that can help you narrow in on the specific audiences that have been checking out your homes, making it easier to refine your marketing approach.

A New You: New Creator Profiles

Pinterest’s new Creator Profiles help your brand connect with users. Your Creator Profile lets you highlight any content you’re currently trying to promote, such as the final homes for sale in a given community. It also lets your audience message you directly, allowing for private and easy interactions with people who are interested in your home.

Hop on the Trend Train: Pinterest Trends

As we’ve seen on apps like TikTok, creating posts that are based on current trends is an excellent way to grow your audience and gain more attention.

While it might be harder for homebuilders to create content that is relevant to the new trending dance on TikTok, trends on a site like Pinterest often deal directly with subjects like interior design and hacks for the home. With this in mind, the Pinterest Trends page will soon become your new best friend. It’s now infinitely easier to know what kind of images people are looking to pin, which can give you some great ideas about what to add to your boards next.

We hope this post made you want to locate your old Pinterest password and give the site another shot. As always, Get Community is here to help you create the best content for your brand, and navigate the constantly-shifting world of social media. For help with Pinterest or anything else in the space of digital marketing, contact us!

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