How to Be Authentically You During a Live

So…have you checked out our beautiful, brand-spanking-new guide to going virtual yet? It’s jam- packed with tips to prep you for your company’s closeup. While it’s important to showcase your homes through Live videos, it’s equally crucial that you let your personality shine through! Being personable during Live videos makes it feel like an intimate, private tour for your audience. Here are our favorite tips on how to be your true, authentic self during a live video!

Go Slow

If you read our guide, then you know how important it is to sloooow down while recording so that your viewers have time to take in what you’re showing them. But, did you know that there’s about a twelve-second delay on comments during Instagram Live?

Imagine this: you’re showcasing the kitchen, and you move onto the dining room…except now someone is inquiring about the kitchen island and the size of the walk-in pantry. Do you answer the question, or continue on? Answer: neither! You slow down. When you’re done explaining the room, ask if anyone has any questions, then wait fifteen seconds. During this time, do another slow pan across the room.

Encourage Audience Participation

Spoiler alert: social media is meant to be social. You have an active, curious audience watching you! Unlike a pre-recorded video, your viewers have the chance to tell you what they think. You can prompt them with questions about their home goals like, “What’s the number one thing on your dream home wishlist?” or more personable questions to get them excited about the product, such as, “What’s your family’s favorite meal to cook together?”

Audience participation is also a GREAT way to know when it’s time to move on to the next part of your tour. Let them know that you’re going to the next part of the home, and ask for thumbs ups and hearts if they’re excited to see the rest of the tour! When you start seeing them on your screen, then you know the delay has caught up and it’s time to carry on.

Delay Your Start Time

Unless your phone or computer is glued to your hand, it takes a couple of minutes for people to see the notification that you’re live. While waiting for more people to log on, make some small talk with your viewers! Call them out by name, thank them for joining, and ask where they’re watching from. When you have a number of people that you are comfortable with, then start your tour.

Go Beyond the Home

So what makes your community special? Is it the spectacular weather, or maybe the proximity to the city? Give your audience the 4-1-1 on what’s nearby. Make it even more personable and tell them your favorite things about the community and nearby area!

Pro-Tip: Change the camera view to yourself when you’re not talking about the home. You want to connect with your audience and let them know that there’s a real person in real-time behind the screen.

It may be uncomfortable to relax and be yourself during your first live video, but with practice you’ll be a pro in no time! A good thing to remember is that it’s not that much different than an in-person tour. The only difference is that you can’t see your audience, but they can see you, and they love seeing you be yourself!

It’s going to be strange, talking to an empty room that’s virtually full of people. But with practice, a slow pace, and a dash of socialization, we’re confident that you’ll do great on your next live video. Be sure to subscribe below to our newsletter to get access to our full Guide to Going Virtual! 

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