Build Your Brand With Short Form Video

Build Your Brand with Short Form Video

At this point in our technology-filled lifestyle, you may have realized there has been a boom in video content on social media. Have you considered how you can use this surge to reach and maintain a relationship with your customers? Online video consumption by consumers has skyrocketed a jaw-dropping 96% since 2020. What’s more, long-form media is beginning to lose viewers to bite-sized short-form video content. Apps like Instagram and TikTok have proven that short-form video is a must for all marketing teams. Navigating and staying in the loop of the ever-changing challenges and trends on social media can be difficult, so we are breaking down how you can use short-form video to build your brand.

Benefits of Short-Form Videos

The major benefit of short-form video is that it is generally easier for both you and your consumers to create and view. Studies show that consumers retain 95% of a message when it is in video form vs only 10% retained when reading text. Audiences want authentic content from brands. The average viewer is looking for something that makes them feel like you care about your brand, products, and customer service. This helps make them more confident in the product or experience you are selling. It also means your short-form content doesn’t require the production value of a big television commercial. Simple videos filmed on your phone and edited within the app are a great way to create your next brand video and connect!

Additionally, it’s much easier for consumers to interact and engage with short-form videos with likes and comments, which also generates higher Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, lend themselves to starting a conversation with those watching your content, thanks to posting options such as video duets and the ability to make video responses to comments.


When deciding what short-form content works best for your brand or product, it’s important to look at two types of trends:

  • Content that is trending as part of a social media moment, like a popular challenge or song.
  • Trends that keep viewers from scrolling past your content. ‘

Let’s take a look at some of the popular trends of 2022 so far.

Unsure where to begin? First, find your niche. Ask yourself what communities on the internet would be interested in your products. TikTok videos have accelerated the growth of numerous communities on social media. Creators and viewers come together on this channel for specific interests. For example, if you are trying to sell a luxury lifestyle or community, you may want to take a look at what is popular under the #realestate or #homebuying tags to get a feel for the online community that is most likely to have people interested in your community.

Some social trends can be adapted to any niche. Viewers on social media have been responsive to behind-the-scenes content, as it makes them feel like there are passionate individuals behind what is being sold to them. If you are trying to build your brand as a homebuilder, consider creating short videos or popular TikTok audios of a home tour, office tour, features of a favorite property, or one of your employees. Homebuying is a daunting task as well, and 72% of consumers said they would rather learn from videos. Using short bite-sized educational videos or FAQs helps demystify some of the more confusing aspects of buying a home like “Mello Roos” or “escrow.”

Setting Yourself Up for Success

Now that you have an idea of the type of content to make, it’s time to set it up for success in the digital world. Here, planning is key. Make sure you know exactly what your concept is before you begin recording. Think about how you can make your content creative and fun for the average person. What story are you trying to tell? Find inspiration in places you wouldn’t usually look. For example, both Netflix shows Bridgerton and Stranger Things have been wildly popular on TikTok. Create a “garden tour” and show off the backyard of one of your homes to a Bridgerton-esque soundtrack. Using popular music and imagery from popular culture can help get viewers to take notice, like, and share your videos.

Hashtags (#) are your best friend. On platforms like TikTok, viewers are commonly scrolling through specific tags, so it is key to utilize them to your advantage. In addition to content-specific tags (for example, a real estate-specific tag would be #realestatetikitok), using general drivers such as #fyp, #foryoupage, or the hashtag that goes with the challenge or cultural reference you are making are essential.

Creating Content for Your Voice

Audiences like social media-based marketing because it feels more personal and less like they are being sold to. Quick and casual marketing videos perform better than traditional media, so it’s important to consider what will keep viewers engaged in your content. Short form videos can technically be anywhere from 15 seconds long to 10 minutes long, but media trends show that videos up to two minutes long receive the most engagement before there is a significant drop in engagement. Use your time wisely by aiming for your videos to be between 30 seconds and two minutes! Make sure your message is concise and your call-to-action for the viewer is clear. If audience members aren’t sure how they should engage with your content, they just won’t do it.

92% of consumers watch short-form content with the sound turned off, and 52% require closed captions to engage. There has been a major push on TikTok to improve accessibility for all viewers, so be sure to include important information such as on-screen text, or use in-app closed caption generators. Be warned though; these generators are not always accurate, so make sure you proof them.
Finally, prepare to post consistently. Being consistent helps to increase your SEO results and the number of viewers following your page, which leads to more individuals seeing your social media content. In fact, 54% of consumers have reported they wished brands made more content.


Social media—being an ever-changing space—can make figuring out a sure-fire marketing strategy difficult. At the end of the day audiences who watch short-form video content are looking for authentic and creative content. If you focus on showing them why you are passionate about your product, they are more likely to consider you and remember your brand in the future. If you are still not sure where to begin or are looking for help in building your social media presence, contact us to find out how we can help!

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