Boosting Local SEO with Social Media: A Digital Marketer’s Guide

Boosting Local SEO for your business

In today’s digital landscape, reaching the right audience is essential for businesses that want to thrive in their local communities. Using the power of social media, you can supercharge your local search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and ensure that your content is getting in front of the right people. In this blog, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to effectively use social media to improve your local SEO and engage with a local audience. Whether you’re a homebuilder or a digital marketer, these strategies will help you enhance your online presence and connect with the local community.

Use Geo-Specific Keywords:

One of the first steps to boosting your local SEO through social media is to incorporate location keywords into your profiles, posts, and hashtags.

Mentioning a city or region in your bio, captions, and location tags, increases the chances of your content appearing in local search results. This allows you to target people in that area who are actively searching for products or services, like yours. Take time to research and identify which keywords are relevant to your industry and location. Then, incorporate those keywords into your social media profiles, and throughout your bio, posts, captions, and hashtags.

Tips for Using Local SEO Keywords:

  • Review Your List Often: Monitor and analyze the performance of your posts using social media analytics to identify which local keywords are driving the most engagement and visibility. Review and update your local keyword strategy based on changes in search trends, shifts in local customer behaviors, and other key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Use Location Tags and Geotags: When appropriate, associate your content with your specific city or region. For example, Get Community is located in the heart of Old Towne Orange, so our location tags on posts could be: “Enjoying a cup of coffee at a cozy café in Old Towne Orange, CA!”

Engage with the Local Audience:

Active engagement is a key component of a successful social media strategy. When it comes to local SEO, engaging with this audience becomes even more crucial. By actively engaging with the locals, you build a sense of community and foster loyalty among your followers.

Tips for Engagement:

  • Respond to Your Audience: Responding to comments, messages, and reviews from your audience, shows that you value your customers, and improves your visibility in local searches.
  • Encourage Users to Tag You: Display your social media handles in visible places, like your sales office, signage, and marketing materials, and encourage visitors to tag you or use geotags when they post about your business, as this will further boost your local presence.

Share Localized Content:

Bring value to your local audience by creating and sharing content that is relevant to them. Examples of this include showcasing local events, sharing local news, or highlighting partnerships with area businesses and organizations. Demonstrating a genuine connection to a local area increases engagement and will attract more local followers. The more your content aligns with the interests of your local audience, the more likely they are to engage, share, and ultimately contribute to your local SEO success.

Tips for Localized Content:

  • Stay Up-to-Date with Local Happenings: From trends and events to exciting local news, incorporate relevant keywords into your content to increase relevance and visibility. At GC, we love celebrating area events, like the annual Street Fair, so we could use a post like: “Celebrating the vibrant community spirit at the Orange Street Fair. We’re so proud to be a part of it!”
  • Show Off the Neighborhood: Create content that showcases the unique charm, history, and attractions around your community and home. Consider featuring historic landmarks, local hotspots, or sharing stories about area traditions.

Encourage User-Generated Content:

User-generated content (UGC) is a powerful tool for building trust and establishing a local presence on social media platforms. Encourage followers to share their experiences with your business and tag your location. This not only provides social proof, but amplifies your reach as their content exposes your business to their network. UGC significantly impacts local SEO efforts by showcasing authentic interactions with your brand, which in turn builds credibility and attracts more local customers.

Tips for User-Generated Content:

  • Encourage Interaction: Small things, like creating branded hashtags and featuring UGC on your social media profiles or website, help showcase authentic interactions with your brand. However, be sure to request permission from users to repurpose their content for marketing purposes. This ensures that you give credit where it’s due.
  • Get to Know the Locals: Collaborate with local influencers or micro-influencers to generate UGC and reach a wider local audience. Local television and radio hosts are a great place to start.

Leverage Social Media for Local Link Building:

In addition to increasing visibility and relationships within your immediate community, local SEO is a great tool for building a library of backlinks. By sharing each other’s content, collaborating on projects, or participating in community initiatives, you can gain local backlinks. These backlinks signal to search engines, like Google, that your website is a reputable source. This will further boost your local search visibility when consumers search for things like, “New homes near me.”

Key Takeaways:

Remember, the key to boosting local SEO lies in authenticity, relevance, and building meaningful connections with your local audience.

You can do this by:

  • Using targeted local keywords
  • Engaging with the local community
  • Sharing localized content
  • Encouraging user-generated content
  • Leveraging social media for local link building

Implementing the strategies we’ve talked about today will help you:

  • Maximize your company’s online presence
  • Ensure your content reaches the right audience
  • Cause local SEO to flourish
  • Drive more traffic to your business
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