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We've got our hands in a multitude of digital pots, and we're always looking for the next digital trend. Our company was built on social media marketing, and it's the social aspect that drives everything we do.

  • Social Media Promotions
    We love a good promotion here at Get Community, whether it’s participating in them or creating them! We offer THREE awesome Promotion Packages that will keep your audience engaged and excited about your brand.  All you have to do is tell us which promotion you’re looking for and we’ll customize the rest! We’re talking brainstorming, creative design and copy, official rules and prizes, and everything else in between. Contact us today and we’ll walk you through our different options! 
  • Social Media/Content Marketing
    The pen (or keyboard) is indeed mightier than the sword, and our creative scribes are fully prepared to fight for your brand and all that it stands for. From Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, to blogging, video scripts, graphics, newsletters, and flyers... our team of copywriters will make sure the VOICE of your brand is heard through strategized Social Media/Content Marketing.
  • Mobile Marketing
    Mobile Marketing is on the rise and we’re here to make sure your message reaches smartphones everywhere. By targeting your brand’s specific audience and demographic, our team (and media partners) will develop layered campaigns that’ll appear on multiple apps and platforms, just like that!
  • Influencer Marketing
    Influencer Marketing takes shape through word of mouth. By prepping press releases and connecting with local bloggers to help promote your event/promotion/campaign, your brand will be put on the map, resulting in a larger following from an eager audience who wants to know more about WHO you are, WHAT you do, and HOW they can get more of it!
  • Event Marketing
    Sure, we spend most of the time coming up with epic ideas in our office, but we also like to shake things up and head out for some Event Marketing! If your brand is throwing an event, we’ll make sure EVERYBODY knows about it. Our social (media) butterflies will promote it via Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter. We even have a selfie stand!
  • Video Marketing
    Everyone loves watching videos, whether they’re tutorials, recipes, or a large cat trying to stuff itself into a small box. Our videographers will capture all the great moments at your grand opening/community events, our writers will write up the scripts for your virtual tours, and we’ll promote your campaigns through the art of Video Marketing.
  • Email Marketing
    Email Marketing is the name, building your brand is the game. We’ll help get the word out for your campaigns, major events, promotions, and much more with attention grabbing e-blasts, flyers, and newsletters through the art of fabulous, speedy, electronic correspondence.
  • Mobile App Development
    Have you always wanted to try your hand at Mobile App Marketing, but aren’t sure where to start? Our mobile app experts will take the reigns and make sure your audience can access everything they need to know about your brand by downloading  your app INSTANTLY onto their Android or iPhone. With this nifty tool, mobile users won’t have to be at their desktop to know all about what you do. They can be on the road, on a train, or in a plane too!
  • Website Development
    Every successful brand needs a fabulous, eye-catching website. Don’t have one yet? Leave that to to us! Our Web Developers will pull out all the stops and dive into the nitty gritty of the architecture, design, and engaging features to make sure your website looks exactly how you’ve always dreamed.


Meet SASS our Super Awesome Selfie Station. SASS is bringing the fun to your strategic marketing events! Grand openings, industry gatherings, milestone celebrations, and anything else gets more memorable when guests have that special take away to remind them of how awesome YOUR business is.

The Team

  • Kelly Borgen
    Creating a social movement is what Get Community Inc. is all about. I want to inspire you to brainstorm, develop and ultimately create a social movement with your brand or product. “Following my dreams, living in the moment and loving my life. I’m a lucky gal with one amazing husband, two beautiful children and a positive outlook on life. For me, it’s all about people and making connections.”
  • Ryan Canton
    Chief Operating Officer
    Our philosophy revolves around customer service and providing a constant flow of communication to the customer regarding the progress and performance of their project. “I’m a very proud father and enjoy every moment I spend with my daughters and family. If you understand that then you understand me.
  • Catherine du Pont
    Director of Social Media
    Leading the parade for a major portion of the company's business with pure style and grace, Catherine is coming into her own when it comes to client strategy and management. She brings her positive vibes to the team every day with a cheerful, can-do attitude, and a readiness to take on any project that comes her way. Her background in Communications from UC Santa Barbara shines in her abilities to lead a team of creative minds and launch any brand into social media orbit!
  • Renee Ferguson
    Web Developer
    Renee’s what we call a #BuzzDeveloper around here. She’s got mad development skills that the rest of us frankly, can’t comprehend, but can’t live without! She’s the (wo)man when it comes to traditional websites, custom apps and “next wave” solutions in our social media house.
  • Andrea Villanueva
    Brand Manager
    Aside from managing several accounts, keeping our writers on track, and tweeting up a storm, taking charge of social media campaigns and strategies is what Andrea does best. Tell her your idea and she'll plot, research, and organize to make sure your content sings. A natural born leader from Chapman University, this girl is no stranger to taking on a challenge!  
  • Sara Schacht
    Digital Copywriter
    Sara is one of our main copywriters with fingers of lightning speed! Tweeting and Instagramming is her specialty, blogging is her calling, and she can whip up a hearty press kit that will make your brand stand out, pop, and soar to new heights. Her background in Communications at Cal State University, Fullerton makes her a whiz with the written word.
  • Lindsay Gerner
    Senior Digital Copywriter
    Lindsay is one of our main writers and a blogging machine! If you have content that needs fine tuning and a spritz of pizazz, this girl will wave her magic wand (or fingers, rather) and bring your project to life. With a background in Communications and Creative Writing, she’s a natural wordsmith with a love for anything that involves creativity and the right side of the brain.
  • Sarah Suri
    Multimedia Communications Specialist
    Sarah is our Analytics Guru with an eagle eye for social media performance. She'll keep the image of your brand consistent, flowing, and thriving at its best! While monitoring the numbers for each account, she also creates sparkly advertisements to promote your brand and leave your target audience wanting more. With a background in Business Operations and Digital Media, this girl (guru) knows what she's doing.

Latest from the blog

  • Surviving the Facebook Apocalypse: Paid vs. Organic Reach

    By Catherine du Pont, Director of Social Media You may have heard about the massive freakout marketers had over the “Facebook Apocalypse” in the beginning of 2018. To recap, people noticed that the organic reach of their posts on Facebook had started drastically dwindling in 2017 and had rightfully started to stress out. This was a big deal! Instead of calming everyone’s fears, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the worst and announced that Facebook would be changing the News Feed (again) and the algorithm that dictates what users see would focus more on family and friends’ content over public content (i.e. a business or…

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  • Facebook Live Roundtable with OC’s MicroInfluencers

    By Sara Schacht, Digital Copywriter We sat down with some awesome social media micro-influencers to pick their brains on working with brands and producing content for their audience. Check out a few highlights from our Q&A and follow the link at the bottom to see the full video! Kelly Borgen - Moderator: Do you turn people (brands) down? Caryn Bailey - Rockin’ Mama (right): Yes. It’s impossible not to...I’ve been doing this for eleven years and with the number of emails I get everyday, it’s impossible. I don’t even get the opportunity to respond to all of them. I have…

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  • Tips on Working with Micro-Influencers

      By Sara Schacht, Digital Copywriter So you’ve compiled your list of dream micro-influencers. (Because you’ll want to be working with more than one.) Their following is a perfect match for your target audience, their content quality, look, and feel are a good fit for your brand, and they are actively engaged with their followers and vice-versa.   Now comes the moment of truth. Will they be open to promoting your brand and your message? Chances are you have a good shot if you can establish an authentic relationship with mutual respect. You just need to break the ice.  …

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  • Micro-Influencers: Who They Are & How We Can Use Them

    By Sarah Suri, Multimedia Communications Specialist It is a known fact that influencer marketing is your #1 tool to drive sales.  I understand it can be a scary thing to find the right influencer to work with. Someone who you can trust with your brand, while being able to spend the right amount of money to get the best return on investment. So, how exactly can you find the right type of influencer to work with? BIGGER influencers, or, macro-influencers - These people have hundreds of thousands, even millions of followers (i.e. celebrities, public figures, etc). Don’t be fooled by…

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  • Listen Up: Creating a Better Promotion

    By Paulina Saracco, Digital Marketing Coordinator Promotions are a large part of any social media strategy, and rightly so. They help engage your audience and increase your reach on social media channels. One way to spice up your promotions if they are feeling a little run down or tired is to incorporate your social listening data! The first step is to make sure your social listening tools are set up and part of your marketing strategy. Social listening consists of monitoring your social media channels for brand mentions, products, competitors, and any other relevant information. It also depends on you…

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  • Our Guide to DATEing: Run a Successful Social Media Promotion

    By Andrea Villanueva, Brand Manager I’m a BIG believer in social media promotions. Why? One: they are fun. Two: they give your audience a chance to bond with you AND your brand. Depending on the type of contest, promotions help increase comments, shares, followers, retweets...the list goes on. They’re relatively easy to put together and, if done properly, you’ll not only see spikes in your engagement numbers, but build a loyal community of followers. Let’s face it, with all the content being put out in the world, it’s really hard to get the organic engagement you’re looking for. Running a…

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  • What’s so Great About Mobile Apps?

    By Sara Schacht, Digital Copywriter  Facebook Live with Kelly & Ryan: What’s so Great About Mobile Apps? In our Q&A, Ryan reveals some of the benefits of developing a mobile app in addition to a website. Be sure to catch our episode of Facebook Live with Kelly & Ryan and read on for some quick tips on developing your company’s new app! For our clients that have their own mobile apps for marketing, why are they in a perfect position to utilize them? For a larger client, like a master-planned community, there’s a lot going on, so a mobile app is…

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  • Mobile Marketing & Why it Kicks Butt

    By Lindsay Gerner, Senior Digital Copywriter             If you’re someone who fears technology, you’re not the only one who finds it scary and overwhelming (I mean, we all know what happened in the 80s). (giphy.com) Or, perhaps your anxiety stems from one device in particular...that little hand-held machine that has practically become a vital limb to the human body? I’ll admit, I feel completely naked without my smartphone in close proximity to my person at all times. It tells me the time, the weather, alerts me when I get emails, texts, and when my Amazon…

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  • Business Owner Dreads: Responding to the Negative Review

    By Sara Schacht, Digital Copywriter  Reviews are an excellent tool for gauging customer and client satisfaction, and almost every business owner can attest to the feeling of pride that comes with that gleaming 5-star review. But what do you do with those not-so-good, at times, borderline rude attacks that may pop up? We’ve got some simple tips for how to engage with disgruntled clients and customers to rebuild trust and maintain your company’s reputation.   THE TASK: No matter what the review says, ALWAYS respond! Responding to comments from customers shows that you’re listening and putting their business first. Start…

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  • Don’t Cry, It’s Just Another Facebook and Instagram API Update

    By Paulina Saracco, Digital Marketing Coordinator Data privacy has been headlining news recently. Because of increasing worry about who has access to information and the use of that information, social media platforms are trying to find ways to maintain customer trust while providing a space for businesses and marketers. Some of the changes during this time are updates in the Facebook and Instagram Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). While these changes may not necessarily affect Facebook or Instagram functionality, they do impact the performance of third-party tools, which many businesses and marketers rely on. We use third-party tools, specifically Hootsuite and…

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  • Meet Our New Selfie Station!

                    Exciting news, y’all...we bought a Selfie Station! Now, you might be inner monologuing to yourself, “why is this newsworthy?” - “a selfie what?” -  “if I hear the word selfie one more time…” Let me explain! I would like to introduce you to SASS: Super - Awesome - Selfie - Station (yes, we had to name her), and all of the fierce ways she can up your social media game. Here’s what she looks like:   As you can see, she’s sleek, fun, professional, and will easily stand out in a happenin’…

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  • Twitter Changes in 2018: What This Means for Marketers

    By Catherine du Pont, Director of Social Media Here at Get Community, we like to keep up-to-date on all things social media. Typically, social media has lots of interesting and fun things happening because it’s a fast-moving, constantly changing entity. Some topics that we like to follow are things like: what’s the next big platform (Vero...but it came and went); when is the best time to post your content (Hubspot has you covered there!); or when a major platform (cough cough Twitter) makes huge changes that will drastically change how we run our business. As you may have guessed from the…

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  • Freaky Factoids about Friday the 13th

    By Kelly Borgen Chief Buzz Creator @ Get Community Happy Friday the 13th! I for one have never had a superstition about Friday the 13th (in fact, the Pollyanna in me loves to see it as a GREAT day!!) but I love the lore of it all. I love how it gets people all twisted up and freaking out. I don't know why that is, but maybe because it plays into my love of all things grand. Anyhow, I thought it would be fun to pull together some of that lore and fanfare and present it to you on this…

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  • Google Adwords Vs. Bing Ads

    By Sarah Suri, Multimedia Communications Specialist Let’s be real, we’ve all “googled” something before. I mean, after all, Google is the #1 search engine. I think with Google conquering the world, people have a tendency to forget about Bing. I know, we all give Bing a really hard time (the memes are endless!), but what if I told you that their online advertising platform gives Google AdWords a run for their money? Still don’t believe me? Let’s get down to the nitty gritty details. First, I want to compare each search results page. I searched for ‘new homes in Orange…

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  • The 7-Year-Itch

    By Lindsay Gerner, Senior Digital Copywriter We’ve all heard the saying “7-year-itch,” a phrase typically used for couples who have reached the 7-year mark of marriage. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a blog post about THAT. Instead, I would like to apply this silly (and kind of awkward) phrase towards the marriage of our business: a beautiful, complicated, and rewarding relationship. Our 7-year mark of launching Get Community was officially on January 1st, and in the spirit of “itching” to expand our horizons, we wanted to officially announce that we have launched 7 NEW SERVICES and a beautiful…

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  • New Year, New Office!

    Happy New Year, everyone! We hope you had a fantastic holiday unplugging, unwinding, and enjoying every second with family and friends...we certainly did! The team at Get Community had a rejuvenating start to the new year in an amazing new office. Yes, we moved...AGAIN. Fourth time’s the charm! Isn’t that what they say? You can now visit your favorite social media peeps in a cozy little house near the corner of Chapman and Cambridge (look for the cute “Get Community” and “I Heart OTO” signs on the front porch). Trust me, you’ll love it just as much as we do, so…

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