Who Are We?
We all want to feel as though we are part of something. Our community, the place we live, is an enormous part of that. The first community we started in social media was for foodies, because we have a passion for food. We employed a social network, Facebook and Twitter as major components of that community and have learned a lot about creating a community in social media and just how powerful it can be. The second community we created was I Heart Old Towne Orange. Using Facebook, a blog and Twitter, this community has taken off and people that live in Old Towne Orange tell me that they’ve never felt so much a part of the community since I started using these mediums to inform, engage, converse and share.

Our feeling is that if we had a place we could go to find out about all that’s happening in a given place or for a given passion, a place to share our ideas and our thoughts and our feelings, a strong community would be born.

Whether you want to dip your toe into social media and begin to build your own social community or you’ve already started and you don’t know where to go from that point, we can help.

What we do

Get Community Inc. helps you create the community that will ensure that your business thrives.

Our agency is dedicated to keeping up with the latest interactive marketing strategies, including Social Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Viral Marketing and more. We will help you develop the right strategy for your company.

Online Brand Management
Interactive Marketing
Social Media Presence
Integrated Distribution of  Your Company News

Whether you want to dip your toe into social media and begin to build your own social community or you’ve already started and you don’t know where to go from there, we can help.

  • Strategy
    Marketing should not be a complex process. Make sure to follow the "keep it simple" rule and create a marketing plan that makes sense to you and your clients. So often businesses get so concerned with having the coolest site that they forget a website should perform…
  • Content Development
    Content is the end-all, be-all of your ultimate success. Placing great  care in idea generation, understanding the opportunities afforded in relation to distribution, and constructing content in such a way that is appealing to users and other websites are where your time and resources should be spent.…
  • Social Community
    A social community is one that starts from an authentic place and is built around a common interest. Take a look at your product, brand or service and think about the people who love or have a passion for what you do, or are in need of…
  • Analytics
    The proof is in the pudding! What happens as a result of the content you created and distributed? Understanding the landscape is important but even more so is the process of optimizing participation to positively influence the perception of our brands and the bottom line of our…

Our Team

We have a multi-talented group of people with amazing skills and gifts. Like a finely tuned machine, we work together to provide you with strategy, content and success.


  • Kelly Borgen – Chief Buzz Creator Owner
    Creating a social movement is what Get Community Inc. is all about. I want to inspire you to brainstorm, develop and ultimately create a social movement with your brand or product. “Following my dreams, living in the moment and loving my life. I’m a lucky gal with…
  • Ryan Canton – Chief Buzz Developer Owner
    Our philosophy revolves around customer service and providing a constant flow of communication to the customer regarding the progress and performance of their project. “I’m a very proud father and enjoy every moment I spend with my daughters and family. If you understand that then you understand…
  • Catherine Du Pont
    Catherine is a #BuzzCreator extraordinaire! She’ll grab a hold of your project and send it flying into the social arena. Her fingers fly across the keyboard faster than a hummingbird’s wings, making your content sing. Let’s be friends: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram
  • Renee Ferguson
    Renee’s what we call a #BuzzDeveloper around here. She’s got mad development skills that the rest of us frankly, can’t comprehend, but can’t live without! She’s the (wo)man when it comes to traditional websites, custom apps and “next wave” solutions in our social media house. Let’s be…
  • Andrea Villaneuva
    Andrea Villaneuva is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Megan Sakowski
  • Lindsay Gerner
  • Kelci Douglas

Our Portfolio

  • Shea Move In
    Capture an event and the joy of homeownership. Real people sharing their experience generates an enthusiasm impossible to recreate in any other format.
  • YouTube
    If a picture is worth 1,000 words, video speaks volumes. If you post it, they will watch it. We can create your video, your account and manage the whole thing for you.
  • Social Media!
    We use it because it works! We make it work for you too. If there is one opportunity that can simultaneously help your website and business by increasing exposure and distribution and improving processes and customer support, it is social media. Understanding the landscape is important but…
  • Pinterest
    With over 100 million active users, Pinterest has captured an audience of female (about 85%) browsers who know their way around the boards.The focus is on gathering information from a variety of sources and displaying them all together. In our example, we have created a board that…
  • Facebook Apps
    Facebook is more than a timeline! With custom apps -(the tabs on your  facebook page) you can focus your presentation. We design custom apps to feature topics such as- available homes, warranties, community events and even what you are sharing on other channels.
  • Facelift for IHOTO
    From time to time, a review of what we offer requires a facelift and some new features. We have recently added the ability for our visitors to add their own community events and we have formatted the site to look good on any device. It's important to…
  • Keep them posted!
    Interested buyers want to know what's coming next. Email is a great way to announce a new phase or ready to move in homes.  Maintain the interest of your potential buyers by keeping them current with any changes in the community.
  • Pre-Sales Registration
    Give potential buyers the opportunity to see what's coming and prepare for the first move-in. An email campaign generates enthusiasm and can start the process of qualifying new home buyers as you build.
  • Connecting Homes to Owners, Socially Speaking

    Often times when it comes to the building industry, a gap exists between the homebuilder and the people who are actually purchasing homes. It seems that many builders simply post…

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  • How Selfies Sell Homes

    Contributed by Jonai Winters, Buzz Creator It’s no secret that people these days LOVE taking selfies (there’s an entire song dedicated to the act of taking a selfie). We post…

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  • Pinning Down Data: Pinterest Adds “Analytics”

    Do you know which pins are drawing the most traffic to your website? We are big fans of Pinterest here at Get Community! Pinterest allows marketers like us to circulate…

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