Top 8 SEO Tools

So by now, you’ve had an introduction to what exactly SEO is and how you can utilize it to promote your brand: check out our SEO Intro Blog right here! So let’s refresh our memory: By using SEO Tools (Search Engine Optimization), you are essentially trying to get your website/brand on top and up front on the web. It’s a way of showcasing your brand so that the perfect audience that you want to be able to reach out to is able to view your brand and communicate directly with you.

There are A LOT of different SEO tools available online that can help you reach your optimization goals. The great thing about these tools is that anyone can use them, and picking a few of them can really help you in your effort of total brand development. We have narrowed down these tools to our Favorite Eight.

Let’s dive right in!

1. Google Analytics:

Analytics tools and solutions for your business


  • This is seriously one of the most powerful tools on the internet today! Make sure you have this connected to your website! Go check right now!
  • You are able to track every kind of traffic coming to your website so you can really get details of exactly how your site is performing and areas where you can improve.
  • It’s also great for tracking all of your digital marketing campaigns and how many sessions you are getting to your website.
  • Pricing: It’s FREE!

2. SEM Rush:

An online visibility management platform that offers solutions for SEO, PPC, content, social media, and competitive research. (semrush)

  • You are able to perform a complete audit of any domain while being able to gain more ideas on how to grow your own organic traffic!
  • There’s a really neat tool available called Domain vs. Domain where you can see the stats on how your page ranks in comparison to your competitors.
  • Pricing: Paid through a monthly subscription service

3. Keywords Everywhere:

A free browser add-on that shows search volume, CPC, and competition on websites. (

  • After you install the add-on to your browser and search a term in your preferred search engine, a drop down of keywords will pop up on the right of the screen. There are two types of lists that appear: the first is related keywords to your keywords, and the second is what other people are also searching for.  All lists give you a breakdown of the volume (how much a keyword is searched per month) and cost per click per keyword.
  • Pricing: This tool is FREE!

4. SpyFu:

A competitor keyword research tool for AdWords PPC and SEO. (

  • You can search any competitors’ website on the SpyFu platform and pull up detailed keywords stats. Some examples include: how many paid keywords they are using, how many clicks are organic vs. paid on their website, who are their paid and organic competitors, what top keywords they are using in their AdWords campaigns, etc. Let’s all say it together…WINNING!
  • Pricing: Paid through a monthly subscription service

We are halfway through! I know it’s a lot of information to process, but we can do it!

5. Google Trends:

A Google website that analyzes how popular a search query truly us. (

  • You can search for any keyword and see how it trends currently and over time, plus how often it is being searched. You’ll also be able to see how well that keyword is doing in a specific region and the related topics to that keyword.
  • This is great for competitive research as well, as you can see how often people are searching for that specific competitor over time.
  • Pricing: This tool is FREE!

6. KWFinder:

A keyword research and analysis tool. (

  • This is a great tool to find long-tail keywords (a keyword phrase of three or more words) that have a lower level of competition. You are then able to take those keywords, filter the ones that are not profitable or high in ranking, and can then organize them into categorized lists.
  • Pricing: Paid through a monthly subscription service


SEO software, tools, and resources for smarter marketing. (

  • With Moz, you are able to understand in detail how your website visitors are searching for keywords.
  • You can also track how the keywords are ranked in comparison to your competitors.
  • With their Crawl diagnostics tool and site audits, you can even fix issues that you are having on your website, specifically ones that are limiting to your SEO abilities.
  • Pricing: Offers a 30-day free trial and then charges a monthly fee.

8. Majestic:

Marketing search engine and SEO backlink checker. (

  • This tool has multiple features to help your website rank the best compared to others.
  • With the Backlink Checker, you can check all the backlinks (hyperlinks that link from a web page back to your own web page) of your own site and competitor sites while getting detailed reports on all stats.
  • Pricing: Offers a 30-day free trial and then charges a monthly fee.

So now that we’ve gone through our Favorite Eight SEO Tools, let’s just take a minute to gather what we have learned. We definitely can see the similarity in all eight: they all help to create better brand awareness and a higher ranking on search engine results. The advantage of being a business owner is that there is no limit to how many tools you can use! There are thousands of tools available online right now. Take advantage and utilize them to the max. Trust me, after trying out a few, you’ll really be able to test what works for your brand and what doesn’t!

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