GC Predictions: 5 Trends to Watch in 2021!

As we kick off this brand-spanking new year, we have a hunch that this idea of community isn’t going anywhere, so get ready to embrace it with open arms. Lucky for you, “Community” is literally our middle name! 😉 We did some sleuthing and found 5 trends to help build your social media presence into a harmonious hamlet in 2021.

Joey Grable – Developer

Need a master at multitasking to test and manage your website? Meet Joey! He’s able to integrate marketing strategies seamlessly across all our client’s digital platforms. This Seattle University grad majored in digital design, so he knows all the tricks of the trade to create stunning web layouts.

Arianne Tano – Graphic Designer

Passionate with a strong aesthetic, Arianne knows how to make her designs stand out from the crowd! Graduating with a degree in illustration from Cal State Fullerton, she’s able to think outside of the box and create eye-catching graphics. In her free time, Arianne enjoys drawing and playing video games!