Meet Get Community Inc.

Kelly Borgen – Chief Executive Officer – Owner

Creating a social movement is what Get Community Inc. is all about. I want to inspire you to brainstorm, develop and ultimately create a social movement with your brand or product.
“Following my dreams, living in the moment and loving my life. I’m a lucky gal with one amazing husband, two beautiful children and a positive outlook on life. For me, it’s all about people and making connections.”
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Ryan Canton – Chief Operating Officer – Owner

Our philosophy revolves around customer service and providing a constant flow of communication to the customer regarding the progress and performance of their project.
“I’m a very proud father and enjoy every moment I spend with my daughters and family. If you understand that then you understand me.”
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What We Do

Get Community Inc. helps you create a community that will ensure that your business thrives.

Our agency is dedicated to keeping up with the latest interactive marketing strategies, including Social Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Viral Marketing, and more. We will help you develop the right strategy for your company.

  • Online Brand Management
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Social Media Presence
  • Integrated Distribution of  Your Company News

Whether you want to dip your toe into social media and begin to build your own social community or you’ve already started and you don’t know where to go from there, we can help.

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Our Work Team

Catherine du Pont – Account Director

Leading the parade for a major portion of the company’s business with pure style and grace, Catherine is coming into her own when it comes to client strategy and management. She brings her positive vibes to the team every day with a cheerful, can-do attitude, and a readiness to take on any project that comes her way. Her background in Communications from UC Santa Barbara shines in her abilities to lead a team of creative minds and launch any brand into social media orbit!

Andrea Villanueva – Account Director

Aside from managing several accounts, keeping our writers on track, and tweeting up a storm, taking charge of social media campaigns and strategies is what Andrea does best. Tell her your idea and she’ll plot, research, and organize to make sure your content sings. A natural born leader from Chapman University, this girl is no stranger to taking on a challenge!

Lindsay Gerner – Senior Digital Copywriter

Lindsay is our Creative Director here at Get Community! If you have content that needs fine-tuning and a spritz of pizazz, she will work with each creative department to make sure your project matches your vision. With a background in Communications and Creative Writing, she’s a natural wordsmith with a love for anything that involves creativity and the right side of the brain.

Sarah Suri – Digital Advertising Strategist

Sarah is our Analytics Guru with an eagle eye for social media performance. She’ll keep the image of your brand consistent, flowing, and thriving at its best! While monitoring the numbers for each account, she also creates sparkly advertisements to promote your brand and leave your target audience wanting more. With a background in Business Operations and Digital Media, this girl (guru) knows what she’s doing.

Paulina Saracco – Digital Brand Specialist

Paulina is one of our Account Coordinators and keeps things running smoothly in our busy office! She’s always coming up with creative ideas for the company and her project management skills are quite simply unmatched. In between balancing multiple projects at once, she still has time to keep things light in the office and always has a fun activity up her sleeve. Her background in Media Studies at UC Berkeley makes her the perfect fit for our growing team!

Alex McDermott – Digital Marketing Coordinator

A content chameleon, Alexandra can pivot from one client’s voice to the next with style and ease. With a background in communications from Cal State Fullerton, she shines as a unique and compelling storyteller. After she’s done polishing up client emails, you can catch her channeling her competitive side at bar trivia.

Jenna Malone – Graphic Designer

Jenna’s beautiful graphics have given Get Community’s look a complete makeover! From super cute to super profesh, she’s our go-to girl when it comes to graphic design and creating cohesive images for our clients. With wizard photoshop skills and an artistic eye for detail, she’ll take your vision and produce beautiful results!

Shauna Sabet – Account Coordinator

Meet Shauna! She’s Account Coordinator and engagement extraordinaire… and she keeps the workflow flowin’! Shauna graduated from Chapman University with a degree in Public Relations and Advertising, which means she’s got the brains for BRAINstorming marketing strategies and keeping our clients happy. We’re so lucky to have her on our team!

Kylie Hunter – Digital Copywriter

Do you need your newsletters to have razzle dazzle? Kylie is here to save the day! With a background in business administration with a concentration in marketing from Cal State Fullerton, she thrives when she can blend her expert writing skills with innovative marketing strategies. When she’s off the clock, you can find her up in the air like an aerialist!

CJ Conway – Videographer

A natural at capturing dynamic visuals and crisp audio, CJ is able to produce a variety of awe-inspiring videos for our clients. His thirst for knowledge means he’s the first to know about the latest technology trends, and his steady hands ensure that every frame he films is perfect. Another way CJ likes to flex his creative muscles is by jamming on his guitar.

Marshall Scott – Digital Copywriter

Whether it’s writing an informative blog or crafting persuasive ad copy, Marshall’s talents are unrivaled. This Chapman University graduate excels at spontaneous brainstorm sessions and adding extra flair to social media captions. A man of many talents, Marshall also writes music and cooks up delicious vegan dishes.

JP Walker – Video Editor

With an incredible eye for details and great artistic instincts, JP is a wiz at editing footage into stunning videos for our clients. When he isn’t showcasing his magical tech-savvy skills for our client’s Instagram Stories, he’s hitting the road to scope out the best sunsets this side of the Mississippi.

Arianne Tano – Graphic Designer

Passionate with a strong aesthetic, Arianne knows how to make her designs stand out from the crowd! Graduating with a degree in illustration from Cal State Fullerton, she’s able to think outside of the box and create eye-catching graphics. In her free time, Arianne enjoys drawing and playing video games!

Faathima Sufi Ismail – Digital Media Coordinator

With a degree in psychology and a minor in marketing, Faathima is able to generate buzz from your target audience with her engaging advertisements. When she’s not using her stellar research skills to assemble glowing analytics reports, Faathima enjoys exploring the great outdoors by hiking and snowboarding.

Joey Grable – Developer

Need a master at multitasking to test and manage your website? Meet Joey! He’s able to integrate marketing strategies seamlessly across all our client’s digital platforms. This Seattle University grad majored in digital design, so he knows all the tricks of the trade to create stunning web layouts.