• IHOTO Email – Blog Support

    IHOTO Email – Blog Support

    One of the many ways of reminding your blog readers to check in and see what's new is a weekly email blast highlighting the latest news. Our audience has an opportunity to scan the email and get more info with a click-thru to the blog article. It keeps them "In the Know"!

  • Shea Move In

    Shea Move In

    Capture an event and the joy of homeownership. Real people sharing their experience generates an enthusiasm impossible to recreate in any other format.

  • YouTube


    If a picture is worth 1,000 words, video speaks volumes. If you post it, they will watch it. We can create your video, your account and manage the whole thing for you.

  • Social Media!

    Social Media!

    We use it because it works! We make it work for you too. If there is one opportunity that can simultaneously help your website and business by increasing exposure and distribution and improving processes and customer support, it is social media. Understanding the landscape is important but even more so is the process of optimizing participation to positively influence the perception of our brands and the bottom line of our businesses. Don't sit on the social media sidelines because customers, clients and prospects are looking for your presence and want your attention. Facebook is practically the "grandaddy" of the social media channels, yet it is still the foundation of any social network. Get Community Inc. creates your presence and keeps it current for you. We support it with content or your scheduled content updates. Get Community Inc. can create custom apps for your projects or special events and we stay abreast of the frequently changing formatting that facebook introduces so that you can take advantage of the newest features when they are implemented.

  • Pinterest


    With over 100 million active users, Pinterest has captured an audience of female (about 85%) browsers who know their way around the boards.The focus is on gathering information from a variety of sources and displaying them all together. In our example, we have created a board that focus on the sponsors of the event, giving each of them additional exposure to attendees. We also created a board to  inform visitors about  the surrounding city where the event will be held, giving visitors more reason to follow and watch for updating content.

  • Facebook Apps

    Facebook Apps

    Facebook is more than a timeline! With custom apps -(the tabs on your  facebook page) you can focus your presentation. We design custom apps to feature topics such as- available homes, warranties, community events and even what you are sharing on other channels.

  • Facelift for IHOTO

    Facelift for IHOTO

    From time to time, a review of what we offer requires a facelift and some new features. We have recently added the ability for our visitors to add their own community events and we have formatted the site to look good on any device. It's important to stay current, offer more and support the community that has come together through Iheartoldtowneorange.com

  • Keep them posted!

    Keep them posted!

    Interested buyers want to know what's coming next. Email is a great way to announce a new phase or ready-to-move-in homes.  Maintain the interest of your potential buyers by keeping them current with any changes in the community. We can program your eblast from a design provided, in this case provided by The Roxburgh Agency, or we can create a design for you.

  • Pre-Sales Registration

    Pre-Sales Registration

    Give potential buyers the opportunity to see what's coming and prepare for the first move-in. An email campaign generates enthusiasm and can start the process of qualifying new home buyers as you build.

  • Motivate and Inspire

    Motivate and Inspire

    An email campaign can enhance a sense of community, as well as increase the size! Offer your residents an opportunity to influence the neighborhood with friends and family. It's definitely a win/win for everyone!

  • Community Tradition

    Community Tradition

    A community comes together with traditions. Email is a great way to ensure that your community is informed and excited about participating in community events. As the years pass what were once events, become TRADITION.

  • WPG, Monterra

    WPG, Monterra

    A picture is worth a thousand words so, how much is a video worth? We create a genuine sense of the experience of walking a model home that focuses on the beauty and living quality of each floorplan. This is an invaluable tool for those who are looking to relocate without the benefit of being able to walk the models first-hand.

  • Mackay Place

    Mackay Place

    this would be the excerpt

  • I Heart Old Towne Orange Community

    I Heart Old Towne Orange Community

    We created this community in February of 2010. It comes from a passionate place because it has to do with our own community, Old Towne Orange, California. This social community is an example of what any community can become. It’s called I Heart Old Towne Orange and you can find it on Facebook, Twitter and at IHeartOldTowneOrange.com. Check it out for yourself, get involved with it and let it spark some ideas of how you can create a similar social community.

  • Stay in touch.

    Stay in touch.

    Where would we be without email? You depend on it and so do your clients. Email marketing is a cost-effective and powerful way to support  your relationship with your current and future customers. A successful email campaign generates on-going interest in your company, and can offer special incentives to a loyal client base.         Whether you have a lot to say, or just want to stay in touch, Get Community Inc. creates and executes an email marketing campaign that supports and expands your customer base. We can demonstrate the success of your communication thru measurable events, including who is reading your messages, who is sharing and how many readers are clicking thru your links. We can help keep your contact list current and generate new interest in what you have to say.